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Fengning Grassland

Fengning Grassland, also called Fengning Datan Grassland is the nearest natural rich grasslands next to the capital, Beijing, some 280kms. away  That's why it is called No.1 grassland in northern Beijing. It is a great summer holiday resort for for escaping the hot summer sun.

The grassland is situated above the dam on a vast plateau covered with green grasses and wild flowers, Flocks and herds are everywhere where many of the colorful locals can be seen tending their stock in the fields.

The area has been called the warehouse of medicine for centuries, where there are more than 300 kinds of plants, most of which are of extremely high value and very popular such as Gold-needle flower and canary-creeper.

A famous scenic spot on the grassland is Jiulong Pines, One of the finest examples must be the Jiulong Pine Tree (or Nine-Dragon Pine), found inside Jietai Temple and said to be over 1300 years old. The Nine-Dragon Cypresses of the Liao Dynasty in the Temple of Heaven look as if there are dragons coiling around their trunks.

In summer, it is extremely cool with the average temperature of 17.4 centigrade degree and is thus a good place to avoid the summer heat. As a tourist, you can enjoy the beauty of the grassland's scene on horseback riding in the gentle breeze and taste as much as you like the strong local conditions and customs of Man and Mongolian nationalities.

The grassland provides a complete set of facilities and equipment for traveling, simply relaxing, escaping the summer heat and enjoying your holiday. In recent years, many vacation villages and vacation centers have been erected, where tourists can take part in a range of activities like horse-riding, camel-riding, shooting, archery and campfire parties, in addition to snow-skating, mountain-climbing and karaoke-singing etc.