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 Best Fishing Places around Chengdu

Best Fishing Places around Chengdu

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 24, 2023

Fishing can not only cultivate one's mind, but can also increase the communication between family and friends. Therefore, if you have time on weekends, take your gear and find a quiet place to go fishing with your family or friends! The following lists some of the best places to go fishing around Chengdu.

The Three Largest Lakes in Pujiang - An Outdoor Fishing Zone

For someone who loves fishing outdoors, Pujiang is a good place to go.

Changtan Lake  is located in the "three lakes and one pavilion" scenic area of Pujiang County, where it has broad waters, beautiful surroundings and rich fish resources. In this district, there are many places such as "large fish warehouse " and "small fish warehouse "; there are famous local fishing places and it's a paradise for fishing. Usually, the leisurely figures of fishermen can be seen capturing dozens of pounds of fish along the shore, regardless of whether it's daytime or night-time.

In addition to fishing in the area of "Liangheshui " (the name of a place) at the end of the lake, you can see that it is covered with green grasses on the 1,000 acres of floodplain along the lake, and there are herds of sheep and cows. Visitors can also take part in activities such as playing football, having a barbecue, camping or having a picnic there.

Chaoyang Lake  is also part of the scenic area, where the plants are flourishing and the environment is quiet. Renting a boat, then sailing into the quiet lake and hanging a rod over the side, you can appreciate the beautiful view while fishing, which is very enjoyable. Moreover, fishermen can be seen everywhere, for example, in Shixiang Lake , Erlang Beach , Miaoyin Lake  and other waters, under the banyan trees along the river of Xilai Town , on Linxi River  and Pujiang River, even in the county. All of these places are good choices for fishing.

Pujiang covers a wide area of waters. There are carp, crucian carp, silver carp, minnow, Pelteobagrus fulvidraco (yellow catfish) and many other fish species, which means it is the best place for having a picnic and fishing in the autumn.

Transportation: take a bus directly from Chengdu to Pujiang at the South Gate of the new station. It runs every 30 minutes from 07:40-19:00 and takes about two hours. Pujiang County is located in the south-west of Sichuan Basin.  

Wan'an - A Good Fishing Place

Regarded as the "cultural village of coarse cereals", Wan'an Town is situated on the eastern hilly area of Shuangliu County in Chengdu, which is a great place for leisure activities in the suburb. The town has six natural reservoirs covering 200-300 square acres. On its eastern Hanpo Mountain  area and the southern Tianma  area, with the unique ecological forest of 6,000 acres in the suburb and the beautiful sceneries, it was called by the media "a green reservoir and a natural oxygen bar". There are many great fishing places and the price is reasonable there, all you have to do is to go fishing with your friends! Here are two recommended places.
XuJia Inn  of Gaofandian Village : Xu Kaiming is the owner who has a fishpond of 10 acres. The fishing price is listed as follows: grass carp, carp, crucian carp- 14 yuan per kilogram; snakehead fish -20 yuan per kilogram; silver carp -30 yuan per kilogram.  

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Address: Gaofandian Village, Wan'an Town, Shuangliu County.双流县万安镇高饭店村

Xianghong  Leisure Village: Tang Xiufang is the owner who has an area of 10 acres for fishing. The fishing price is 16 yuan per kilogram of every kind of fish. The fish can be processed in the village with additional fees. There are coarse cereals available if needed. The hotel accommodation includes a standard room for 100 yuan a night or a triple room for 150 yuan a night.

Address: 201 Dongshan Avenue, 1, Shuangliu County, Chengdu. 成都 双流县 东山大道1段201

What's more, rivers flow through every village in Shuangliu and outdoor fishing places exist everywhere; these good places are hard to miss!

Nibatuo- A Suitable Place for Outdoor Fishing or Pool Fishing

Nibatuo lies 16 kilometers to the north of Chengdu, and is by the Pihe River , 3.5 kilometers to the south of Xindu. The Pihe River detours into a peninsula scenic area which is surrounded by water on three sides. Nowadays, it has become an important scenic area of eco-tourism, covering an area of 180,000 square meters with a special landscape of half bamboo and half water. The bridge stands astride the river connecting the north and the south. Along the banks of the river are: Jin'an Garden , Yinhuang Pavilion , Ting Liu Pavilion , Fuliu Pavilion , Daiou Pavilion , Guandiao Pavilion , Wangjiang Pavilion , Bantuo Building  and many other buildings, which are suitable places for ecological tourism and water recreation.

Within the scenic area of about 10,000 square meters, you can go fishing, have a picnic, cater for and entertain your friends. Accommodation and a children's playground is also available. Fishing is allowed in the river next to Nibatuo and in the fishpond. There is a wide variety of fish, such as Mandarinfish (also called Guihua fish), carp, crucian carp, silver carp, Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, minnow, lenok, flathead, loach, finless eels, and so on. Food and two pavilions, as well as two teahouses by the pool, are provided for visitors who can have a break and drink tea.

Address: Nibatuo Crossing, Shulong Avenue, Xindu District. 新都区蜀龙大道泥巴沱路口

Golden Manor in Wenjiang

Taking only 10 minutes' drive from Chengdu with countless fishing ponds, Wenjiang is always one of the leisure resorts favored by Chengdu people.
Golden Manor  is located in on the edge of Furong Avenue , Yongning Town in Wenjiang District, with 42 Buddha "terracotta warriors" standing on both sides of the road. Sitting by the side of the pavilion in the center pond of the manor, you can see green willows on the left bank, pavilions on the right and a natural oxygen bar formed by the flowers outside the manor. With a quiet fishing environment and fresh air, it is very suitable for senior people.

The healthy food served in Golden Manor is also recommended. It is worth mentioning that Internet access is supplied in each room and the teahouse, with which visitors will not miss their work while fishing outside because they can have access to the information on time.  

Address: the nursery of Wenyong Crossing, Wenjiang District, Chengdu (near Furong Middle Road). 成都温江区文永路口苗圃内 (近芙蓉大道中段)

Longquan Xihe Town - Lobster Fishing

There is a small lobster base in Weixing Village , Longquan District. You can not only eat ecological crayfish without pollution there, but can also fish for crayfish by yourself. It is easier to fish for crayfish than fishing for fish. All you need to do is prepare a rope and strap some bait into the water, then count the time and finally pull the rope gently out of the water. If the water is clear, you will succeed easily by just holding the meat bait and pulling it out gently when you see a crayfish approaching.

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Some of the crayfish are fed by rice in Weixing Village of Xihe Town, Longquan. It is an eco-agricultural product without any pollution, pesticide and fertilizer.
In Xihe Town, you can be rest assured that the spicy crayfish and the unique lobster hot pot served there are tasty. Visiting Liujiao Pavilion, Shuishangfang  and the hundred-years-old tree  is another good choice.

The lobster base also launched the idea of pet lobsters that are acclimatized. "After domestication for a while, lobsters can be fed artificially like pets. They aren't picky and eat leafy vegetables, washed meat, animals' internal organs and specialized fodder", commented the relevant person in charge.

Address: Weixing Village, Xihe Town, Longquan. 龙泉西河镇卫星村

Besides the five places with these features, there are lots of other fishing places in Chengdu and its surrounding areas. Longquan Lake in the east and Baigong Weir  are good places for fishing throughout the year; crucian carp in Sancha Lake  of Jianyang  and big carps in Heilongtan Reservoir of Renshou  County are also famous and delicious. Sometimes, you can go out to Luban Reservoir of Santai County, where fishing for Pelteobagrus fulvidraco at night is very enjoyable! In addition, Maojia Reservoir, Luojia Reservoir , Baigongyan Reservoir , Boshihu Reservoir, and Wenjiang fishpond are also good places for fishing in Longquan.

As these places are hard to reach and english is not spoken by the staff in general. You are advised to travel with a travel company. China Highlights can help you tailormade a tour for you.

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