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Best Places for Gift Shopping in Chengdu

Best Places for Gift Shopping in Chengdu

Written by GavinUpdated Nov. 10, 2023

At some point when you enjoy your time in Chengdu you may think about the people back home.

Your less-fortunate family/friends/colleagues didn't get to travel the world like you this time... At this point you'll want to find a few small gifts to give them and make them a little less envious of your life. Here are the best places to look for those gifts.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi streetChunxi Road

This is Chengdu's shopping center. You'll find name brand clothes and fancy restaurants. Due to the extremely high property values here the store you go to today may close tomorrow. Of course, that keeps these shops filled with new and interesting things to catch you attention.

  • Chinese name: 春熙路

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Just Outside of Universities

University students are sometimes like travelers. They want to buy little gifts for classmates or friends back home. Many times just outside of the university gate you'll find great snacks and great little gift shops. One good place to try is Sichuan University, Wangjiang Campus (South Gate and Small North Gate).

  • Chinese name: 四川大学望江校区(南门或小北门)

Zongfu Road

Near Tianfu Square and not far from Chunxi Road this area has extremely large malls where you can find anything you need. These malls are fully packed with clothing stores, cosmetic stores, quality restaurants, and everything else you'd expect to find in a mall plus some Chinese-style potential gifts.

  • Chinese name: 总府路
  • Recommended stores: Renhe Spring仁和春天百货, Wangfujing 王府井

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The Wide and Narrow Alleys

Chengdu kuan-zhai laneThe Wide and Narrow Alleys

The Wide and Narrow Alleys are home to at least two of Chengdu's Best Teahouses, but one more thing that should be said is that this is a good place for souvenirs. Today in China, the new cool fashionable things are made in the Mao-era style. You can pick up a new hand bag or cup that looks like it comes from fifty years ago complete with nostalgic Communist propaganda.

  • Chinese name: 宽窄巷子

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Song Xian Qiao

A great gift would be some Chinese characters written by a master. And perhaps you are a master but left your calligraphy brush at home. No worries! At Song Xian Qiao you can find beautiful calligraphy, brushes, paper and ink.

ChengduSong Xian Qiao

There are also a wide variety of 'antiques'. Although some of these are genuine antiques from hundreds of years ago, many of them are just new things made to look old and dirty. Most likely it will be a small coin that is a genuine antique. Bring an expert with you, because the people selling these things might not even know.

  • Chinese name: 送仙桥


Going to the supermarket is NOT giving up. The Wal-Mart in Chengdu is totally different from the Wal-Mart back home. These places offer some unique local items. Many everyday snacks and teas in Chengdu can't be found elsewhere. How about a bag of chicken feet to give a friend a nice shock? Or perhaps just a nice tea set?

  • Recommended Supermarkets: Carrefour家乐福, Hongqi Chain Store 红旗连锁, Renrenle 人人乐

China Highlights Considers Your Shopping Needs

Our Chengdu tours have no forced shopping (but top-class souvenir buying opportunities are built in). At the inquiry stage you can customize your tour to include as much or as little shopping as you like. Let us know if there is something you would particularly like to buy and we can suggest/arrange a shopping opportunity. Ask your local guide. They are experts.

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