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 Best Western Restaurants in Chengdu

Best Western Restaurants in Chengdu

Written by GavinUpdated Aug. 24, 2023

Mike's Pizza Kitchen

This isn't just a "really great place that only cool people in Chengdu know about". Mike's still has the fresh young feel of a reckless Westerner starting a pizza place and hopefully stays that way.

His main emphasis is on delivery so please take a look at the menu online first and know where you are. You'll find the best pizzas and sandwiches in Chengdu here at reasonable prices.
Location: 9 Tongzilin Road South, Wuhou District (武侯区桐梓林南9号)

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The Spot

If you need refined cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere then come to The Spot. Although they boast their burgers to be the best you won't be let down if you try the other entrées on the menu. Unlike the average restaurant in China this place understands the importance of friendly service.
Location: 143 Kehua Beilu, Wuhou District (武侯区科华北路143号)

The Lazy Pug

This list would be seriously flawed if it failed to mention the Lazy Pug. An American pallet will come here to find the tastes that are otherwise unobtainable in China. That's right, they offer dishes with just the right amount of diary and a few other favorites that other places can't seem to get right.

Location: Kaiyue Xincheng 1st Floor, 9 Yihuan Road South Sect. 1 (凯悦新城负1楼一环路南一段9号)

Closed April 2013 - expected to reopen elsewhere. Watch this space.

Leanna's Bakery

Baked goods in China will usually leave the average Westerner disappointed. At Leanna's Bakery you can find cookies, cakes, and the like that can't be beat. Also, don't let the name fool you; this is a full restaurant with sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza and much more.

Location: 4-1 Shuhan Street, Wuhou District (蜀汉街4号附1号)

Grandma's Kitchen

They must know what they are doing, because Grandma's Kitchen is expanding. This is a great place for breakfast, which, by the way, is served all day long. The menu is diverse enough to satisfy a range of cravings you may have from Italian to Mexican.
Locations: 22 Renmin Road South, Wuhou District (武侯区人民南路四段22号), and 99 Qingyang Avenue, Qingyang District(青羊区青羊大道99号)

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Contact us for a private tour of Leshan and Mount Emei.

Peter's Tex-Mex Grill

Peter's is also a Western restaurant that once they got a good reputation started expanding quickly. The menu here also serves to impress anyone looking for a nice American style meal. They also have special menus during a few holidays including a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day.


  • 12 Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District (武侯区桐梓林东路12号),
  • 50 Guanghuacun Road South, Qingyang District (青羊区光华村南街50号),
  • 117 Kehuabei Road, Wuhou District (武侯区科华北路117号), and
  • 99 Shengheyi Road, Gaoxin District(高新区盛和一路99号)

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