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Chengdu Happy Valley

Covering 470,000 square meters, Chengdu Happy Valley's themed areas include the Magic Castle, Flying Island, Great Szechwan, Dream of the Mediterranean, Happy Light Year, and Sunny Harbor. Most of these areas have a taste of Western cultures, with exception of the Great Szechwan, which has a Chinese feel. Happy Light Year provides tourists with a carnival feeling.


Of the four coaster rides, the most thrilling ones are Dragon in Clouds and Fly Over the Mediterranean. Dragon in a Snowfield is a Sichuan-themed mine train roller coaster, and Mad Rats is a mouse-styled coaster meant for kids. The gyro swing has a raised platform, so tourists are able to have a good bird's eye view of the park.

Many rides are specifically designed for families, including the Ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirl, Big Splash Flume log ride with the option of shooting riders with water cannons, North Pole Adventure, Kung Fu Panda knock-off 4D ride, and a rotating tower ride on Flying Island. The Magic Castle is a specific section for kids, which has a variety of attractive features including knock-off cartoon characters and tame rides. It also comprise of 16 sets of twin towers that host international and local entertainment facilities.

Performances and Programs

Chengdu Happy Valley theme park also hosts the International Pop Festival, Extreme Sports International Championships, Christmas parties and events, and International Magic Festival. Recently introduced programs in this theme park include parenting classes, and amusement equipment tailored for family experiences.

Getting to the park

At 16 Huaxi Avenue, Jinniu District, it is 10 km from Chengdu Bus Station, and 6.6 km from Tianfu Square. Take bus 48, 101 or 108 directly to the park.