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Wenchuan Earthquake Museum


It is a large-scale museum in memory of Wenchuan earthquake on May 12th.

Brief Introduction

The Museum possesses the real objects amounting to over 5, 000 items displayed in more than 30 exhibition halls. What are included are real objects, photos and texts. All of them are displayed with detailed introductions. Some sites of the earthquake, "Monument of Earthquake Victims" and documents of earthquake relief work recreate the situations during the earthquake. Moreover, the museum models the Wenchuan earthquake site, making visitors feel the earthquake by their own from vision, auditory and touch.

Items on Display

  • All kinds of items about the earthquake, including photos, documents, schoolbags, relics of victims and so on;
  • Marks of road blocking and postal road, the stamps, commemorative envelopes, commemorative postmark;
  • Album of Stamps recording the earthquake relief work;
  • Witnesses of earthquake relief work, involving the real objects and slogans of armies and volunteers.


It is in the Jianchuan Museum in Anren Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City.