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Chengdu Subway

Chengdu Subway

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 20, 2023
Chengdu subway

Chengdu became the first city in Western China with a metro when Line 1 (the blue line) officially began operation on September 27th, 2010.

So far, it has six metro lines, 156 stations, and 226 kilometers (140 miles) of track. Ridership reaches 3.17 million per day.

Metro Tickets

When you enter the metro station, you will purchase your ticket first.

Buy your ticket from the self-service ticket machine. Choose the station you want to go to and then the machine will display the total price. Then you can put cash in and take the ticket. The machine will only accept 1 yuan coins, 5 yuan notes, 10 yuan notes, and 20 yuan notes. You can also pay using WeChat or Alipay.

Fares range from 2 to 10 yuan. Here, we have provided a table of the rules relating to rates, for reference:

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Distance Fare (single trip)
0–4 km 2 yuan
4–8 km 3 yuan
8–12 km 4 yuan
12–18 km 5 yuan
18–24 km 6 yuan
24–32 km 7 yuan
32–40 km 8 yuan
40–50 km 9 yuan
Over 50 km 10 yuan
  • Discounts: Ordinary Chengdu Transportation Smart Card (Tian Fu Tong) holders can enjoy a 90% discount; children under 1.3 meters (4 feet) in height can travel on all the subway lines free of charge.

After you buy the ticket, you need to pass through the security checkpoint. Then, scan your ticket to pass through the automatic barrier and follow the signs to wait at the platform.

When you arrive at your station, put your ticket in the automatic barrier's recycling slot to exit.

Alternatively, if you are staying a long time in Chengdu, you can apply for a Chengdu Transportation Smart Card or download a metro app on your cell phone so that you can just scan the card or your cell phone when you enter and exit the station.

Chengdu Subway Map 2020

Chengdu subway map

Chengdu Metro Lines, Stations, and Operating Times

Line Stops Operating Hours
Line 1 Weijianian – Shengxian Lake – North Railway Station – Renmin Road North – Wenshu Monastery – Luomashi – Tianfu Square – Jinjiang Hotel – Huaxiba – Sichuan Gymnasium – Nijiaqiao – Tongzilin – South Railway Station – Hi-Tech Zone – Financial City – Incubation Park – Jincheng Plaza – Century City – 3rd Tianfu Street – 5th Tianfu Street – Huafu Avenue – Sihe – Guangdu – Wugensong – Huayang – Haichang Road – Guangfu – Hongshi Park – Luhu Lake – Wuhan Road – Tianfu Park – Western China International Expo City – Guangzhou Road – Xinglong Lake – Science City 06:10–22:50
Line 2 Xipu – Tianhe Road – Baicao Road – Jinzhou Road – Jinke Road North – Yingbin Avenue – Chadianzi Bus Station – Yangxi Flyover – Yipintianxia – East Shuhan Road – Baiguolin – Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital – Tonghuimen – People's Park – Tianfu Square – Chunxi Road – Dongmen Bridge – Niuwangmiao – Niushikou – Dongda Road – Tazishan Park – Chengdu East Railway Station – Chengyu Flyover – Huiwangling – Honghe – Chengdu Institute of Public Administration – Damianpu – Lianshanpo – Jiepai – Shufang – Longping Road – Longquanyi Xipu to Longquanyi: 06:20–22:45
Longquanyi to Xipu: 06:10–22:45
Line 3 Chengdu Medical College – Southwest Petroleum University – Clock Tower – Machao West Road – Tuanjiexinqu – Jinshuihe – Sanhechang – Jinhua Temple East Road – Botanical Garden – Chengdu Junqu General Hospital – Panda Avenue – ibis Chengdu Zoo – Zhaojuesi Road South – Simaqiao – Lijiatuo – Qianfeng Road – Hongxingqiao – Chengdu Second People's Hospital – Chunxi Road – Xinnanmen – Moziqiao – Sichuan Gymnasium – Yiguanmiao – Gaoshengqiao – Hongpailou – Taipingyuan – Chuan-Zang Flyover – Wuhou Flyover – Wuqing South Road – Shuangfengqiao – Longqiao Road – Hangdu Street – Yingchunqiao – Dongsheng – Shuangliu Square – Sanliba – Shuangliu West Station Chengdu Medical College to Shuangliu West Station: 06:10–22:50
Shuangliu West Station to Chengdu Medical College: 06:00–22:50
Line 4 Wansheng – Yangliuhe – Fengxihe – Nanxun Avenue – Guanghua Park – Yongquan – Fenghuang Street – Machangba – Intangible Cultural Heritage Park – Caiqiao – Zhongba – Chengdu West Railway Station – Qingjiang Road West – Cultural Palace – Southwestern University of Finance and Economics – Caotang Road North – Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital – Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys – Luomashi – Taisheng Road South – Chengdu Second People's Hospital – Yushuang Road – Shuangqiao Road – Wangnianchang – Huaishudian – Lailong – Shiling – Chengdu University – Mingshuwangling – Xihe 06:10–22:50
Line 7 North Railway Station – Simaqiao – Fuqing Road – Balizhuang – Erxianqiao – Chengdu University of Technology – Cuijiadian – Shuangdian Road – Huaishudian – Yinghui Road – Chengdu East Railway Station – Daguan – Shizishan – Sichuan Normal University – Liulichang – Sanwayao – Chengdu South Railway Station – Shenxianshu – Gaopeng Avenue – Taipingyuan – Wuhou Avenue – Longzhuayan – Dongpo Road – Cultural Palace – Jinsha Site Museum – Yipintianxia – Chadianzi – Huazhaobi – Southwest Jiaotong University – Jiulidi – 2nd Beizhan Road West 06:15–22:55
Line 10 Taipingyuan – Cujin – Huaxing – Jinhua – Terminal 1 of Shuangliu International Airport – Terminal 2 of Shuangliu International Airport Taipingyuan to Terminal 2 of Shuangliu International Airport: 06:00–0:00
Terminal 2 of Shuangliu International Airport to Taipingyuan: 06:05–23:05
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Best Metro Lines for Tourists

Here, we have provided you will lists of attractions and the metro stations they are closest to on some main lines.

Line 1

Attraction Station
Wenshu Monastery Wenshu Monastery
Tianfu Square Tianfu Square
Sichuan Science and Technology Museum Tianfu Square
Chengdu Museum Tianfu Square
Donghu Park Tongzilin
New Century Global Center Jincheng Plaza
Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park Haichang Road

Line 2

Attraction Station
Happy Valley Chengdu Yingbin Avenue
Chunxi Road Chunxi Road
Qingyang Palace Tonghuimen
People's Park People's Park
Sansheng Flower Village Chengdu Institute of Public Administration

Line 3 - Heading to Popular Attractions

Attraction Station
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Panda Avenue
Chengdu Zoo Chengdu Zoo
Wuhou Temple Gaoshengqiao
Jinli Ancient Street Gaoshengqiao

Line 4

Attraction Station
The Wide and Narrow Alleys Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
Du Fu Thatched Cottage Caotang Road North

Line 7

Attraction Station
Jinsha Site Museum Jinsha Site Museum

Tips for Taking Metro in Chengdu

  • Bilingual broadcasts and signposts are available in Chengdu Metro. Even if you cannot read and speak Chinese, you can take the metro trains easily.
  • At the end of 2019, Line 5 will be open. By 2020, Chengdu Metro will have 14 lines and will cover a total route length of 514 kilometers.
  • Chengdu Metro's rush hours are from 07:30 to 09:20 and 17:00 to 19:00.
  • Although the time of the last train depends on the station and line, most lines' operating hours start at 06:00 and end at 23:00.
  • Generally speaking, each metro stop has four exits in four directions. You should choose the most convenient exit – to avoid crossing over the roads on the surface – by reading the signs at the crossings of the passageways.
  • No eating is permitted in Chengdu Metro.

Tour Chengdu Your Way

Using the metro will enable you to see most of the interesting places inside Chengdu city but it can't transport you to see many hidden gems in Chengdu, such as Wolong Panda Center where you can explore the habitat of wild giant pandas.

It is time-saving and enjoyable to explore Chengdu with a private tour, with privately guided activities that show you Chengdu in another light, beyond the obvious. See our recommended Chengdu tours:

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