Guizhou–Guangzhou HSR Begins Test Runs in September

September 1, 2014 Published by: Joshua

Guizhou–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway (HSR) test runs will start from September 1, and it is predicted to start operation at the end of this year.

It is the first high-speed railway in Guizhou Province, and will be a major rapid transport development, connecting the less-developed Southwest China with the rich cities in the Pearl River Delta and South China. 

The HSR and Its Stations

The Guizhou–Guangdong HSR, spanning Guizhou Province, Guangxi Province, and Guangdong Province, starts from Guiyang North Railway Station, and passes through Duyun, Rongjiang, Guilin, Yangshuo, Zhaoqing, and Foshan, terminating at Guangzhou South Station. The whole railway line is 857 km long and has 21 stations. The designated speed of the railway line is 250 km/h, and its highest speed is 275 km/h under normal operation.

Improved Tour Experience

After the railway comes into operation, it will shorten the travel time between Guiyang and Guangzhou from 20 hours to only 4 hours, and it will take only 2 hours from Guiyang to Guilin!

If youare looking for a trip to south China next year, you may ask us at China Highlights for more information about the Guizhou–Guangdong HSR. We can help you to book train tickets and arrange your tour. After the railway comes into operation, using it will make for a convenient and more interesting tour experience than flying.

This high speed train route will soon be available for booking, download our app China Train Booking to keep posted.

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