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July 10, 2015 Published by: Lindsay Blake

Booking a train ticket can be accessible in multiple ways in China, some typical examples of which are China Train Booking app and the reservation. Speaking with much confidence, China Train Booking app makes easy approach given all its special features as follow:

1. Wherever and whenever

The best thing about having a mobile is you can keep in touch with important things and people whenever and wherever. Same story here with China Train Booking app. This app makes it available for ticket booking while you are nowhere near a computer. Just download the app, open it and a few taps get you to the delightful result. Plus, you don’t have to wait in line at the railway station for checking tickets available.

Whether you are in China or your home country, where there’s internet network, there’s app working. All data is live and directly sync with China Rail (note: all time stated is UCT+8). You don’t have to work a VPN to check out ticket availability. Besides, can be hard to squeeze in during peak season, which rarely happens with China Train Booking app.

2. No language barrier

So far, doesn’t have an English version therefore no English timetable is available. To use the website, you have to cope with language barrier, which is literally everywhere. Things are different with China Train Booking app: we have English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. You go through the booking process without a hitch, ignoring language headache ever from the moment you tap in and search.

Booking via the app and collecting tickets at the train station, you won’t have a problem about not speaking Chinese, either. We have English instruction guiding you through ticket collection and train boarding. Even if you encounter a problem, whether before the trip or during, you can call up our travel advisors who speak your native language.  

3. Check updates without logging in your mailbox

Online reservations, for restaurants or flights, you get notified by email. Same with With China Train Booking app, you can check booking updates in the app (Account – My Bookings), not having to open up mailbox. This might be quiet handy when you are using Gmail or other email suppliers that don’t work so well (or even blocked) in China. And of course, you will also have the same email in your in-box while the bookings are updated, such as payment confirmed or ticket issued.

4. Pay via credit card or PayPal – safe and fast redirects payment towards Alipay or other Chinese bank debit card account. Expat who have been living in China for a time won’t have a problem. However, not so much to those first-comers. In China Train Booking, we accept payment through either PayPal or credit card, both safe and fast, and more widely-acceptable internationally.

To pay with PayPal, you don’t need to have an account. The app will redirect you to a PayPal page where you can associate your card with the payment. Even easier with credit card, just scan the card with your camera on the cell phone/tablet and the card info will be automatically input. Just tap to make transaction. It will be done within 30 seconds given the internet is good.

5. Ticket delivery

Same as China Highlights website, China Train Booking app allows you to be lazy. Stay in your hotel room or home in China, we can have the tickets delivered to your doorstep. You might find this service worry-free especially for these reasons: you rather spend more time sightseeing than collecting tickets at railway station; traveling during peak times; booking multi-leg trains; get everything ready in advance, no risking any potential wrong-goings.

And we choose the best express company to take good care of your tickets: SF Express (顺丰速运), which stands as a gold standard in the delivery industry. Door-to-door and same-city next-day arrival and cross-province two-day arrival is their norm of service! This means you can get your ticket within 48 hours after it’s sent out.

6. Real human care and services

Connection of you and is done after the booking’s done. With China Train Booking app, it’s only a start. Behind every train ticket, we have real human work and care input. In the app, you can send your thoughts, questions, suggestions or even chitchat, and we will reply you (Account – My Questions and Suggestions). None of the email is robot-sending and you can ask for travel tips from your travel advisors. We serve, we help and we are happy to do that.

Download China Train Booking app now: China Train Booking

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