China – Thailand Train Route Construction Scheduled to Began in October

September 2, 2015 Published by: Joshua

“After 6 rounds of talks, the China – Thailand Railway Cooperation Framework will be signed early in September, ” said Zhu Xijun, the general manager of Southeast Asia Branch of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, “construction will begin in late October, with the hope to complete within 3 years.”

China has entered the 40th year in a friendly relationship with Thailand since the establishment of the diplomatic relation. China Rail sees this train route as a present for both ends and a promising gateway to interchange in many aspects. The route will connect Kunming, provincial capital of Yunnan Province of China with Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Being a part of the trans-Asia railway system, which is planned to connect China with Singapore, the China – Thailand Train Route will cost only 1/3 as much as the flight. 

Here at China Highlights, we will keep travelers posted about this international railway route. Traveling across the border, you can use the international railway services on our website. Hopping around the country, China Train Booking app is a good pal to travel with. Download here: China Train Booking

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