New Features of China Train Booking Ver 1.3 (iOS)

July 1, 2015 Published by: Peggie

Release with confidence, China Train Booking Version 1.3 (iOS) meets up everybody last Monday, June 22nd, 2015. The all new version presents better user experience and payment option for which payment via PayPal used to have some hiccups. 

Better way to pay

In the last version, we have received some feedback about the payment method, saying it’s too slow or sometimes causes app crashes. Paying with credit card came into action as a better option besides PayPal. And it works, works well. Simply scan your credit card (or input manually) and the transaction will be done within 10 seconds. It is safe because we won’t hold up or save any of your credit card info. 

Book tomorrow-departing trains

Normally pre-sell period for train tickets is 60 days in advance but most travelers are not exactly early planners. More and more people tend to get impromptu. Considering this, we make it bookable for trains that depart the next day. And we will try our best to obtain tickets despite the challenge.

Russian version launched

Many Russian travelers see China as an easy and budget-friendly vacation destination. They would like to break down language barrier for booking train tickets. Now Russian-speaking travelers can also enjoy the easy-to-use train booking system at fingertips. Quick get: China Train Booking in Russian

Ask a question orsend a suggestion

We don’t want this train booking app to be just a one-way road. We look for interaction. Now you can send us a suggestion or ask a question inside the app. Your thoughts will be visual and practical in the future version and your doubts will be answered.

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