K9524 Running from Chongqing to Panzhihua

August 6, 2015 Published by: Lindsay

A new train route from Chengdu to Panzhihua will be put into operation from July 7, 2015. 

The A/C train K9524 makes stops at Jiangjin, Neijiang, Ziyang, Chengdu, Emei, Xichang and other small stations after departure in Chongqing. Running for approximately 26 hours, the train departs at 10:30pm from Chongqing Railway Station and arrives in Panzhihua at 00:30am of the third day. All the coaches are sleeper coaches.

Panzhihua is an important industrial city in Sichuan Province. There was no direct train between Chongqing and Panzhihua. It is believed that this new train route will easy a lot of pressure on the railroad due to the numerous transit passengers who make their change in Chengdu. It is planned to operate only for one day as a test run. More info will be updated.

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