Double Security Checks at Beijing Railway Stations

August 28, 2015 Published by: Jolie

With the 70th Anniversary of Anti-Fascist War coming up soon, Beijing railway stations have raised the bars for security check. From now on to September 5th, all passengers to or from the capital’s railway stations will be required to have two security checks.

Except the full body scan at the entrance of train station, passengers now will have another stricter security check before boarding. All bags and luggages are to be checked by securities with stick scans in the waiting room. Dangerous goods are prohibited in any case, especially liquid. Passengers will be required to take a sip of the liquid carried with them. Size of containers with gels, aerosols and pastes are also strictly limited.

Given such a situation, China Highlights suggests passengers get to the station at least 1 hour earlier. Packing should be wiser, too. Instead of taking too much stuff, limit your luggage down to the most basic things and you can always purchase bottled water after boarding if needed.

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