China Railroads See More Travelers During Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

July 24, 2015 Published by: Lindsay

One of the grandest Chinese traditional festivals, Mid-Autumn Festival ( or Moon Cake Festival,中秋节), is right around the corner, September 27th to be exact. Predict a major peak of tourists during that time, China Rail schedules to put train tickets on sale starting from next Thursday, July 29th. Get ready to make bookings if you have plans to travel during Mid-Autumn Festival as well as the National Day (October 1st).

School summer vacation, which was kicked started last week, have put a lot of pressure on China’s railroads, forming long lines at ticket counters and railway stations. Railway routes of Guiyang – Guangzhou, Nanning – Guangzhou, Xiamen – Shenzhen, Beijing – Dalian, Beijing – Changchun, Shanghai – Huangshan, Shanghai – Guangzhou and other major cities are seeing a continuously-growing flow. Mid-Autumn Festival overlapping school-starting dates will definitely tense up railroad traffic even more.

More and more locals tend to make early bookings given the 60-day pre-sale period is favorably long enough to allow changes in the last minute. That’s bad news for the foreign travelers. There will be a lot of foreign travelers going to Beijing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Huangshan and more tourism cities. It’s wise to book as soon as possible if you got travel plans during that time.

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