Urumqi Nan Railway Station: Get in 3 Hours Ahead of Time

August 21, 2015 Published by: Jolie

Urumqi South Railway Station began to have its busy hour since August, 20th, as more and more people are back to their work and study after the summer vacation. It is predicted that the peak will last for at least 15 days. So China Rail suggests passengers getting in the station three hours in advance, especially in the afternoon during this big rush time.

Since several new railroads were built in Xinjiang in recent years, it becomes more convenient for people to get in and out. Thousands of tourists coming to visit prefer to go by trail in order to enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the railway. In addition, it is the time for students to return to their schools in Xinjiang after summer vacation, which also brings large pressure to train booking system and human traffic.

As in China Highlights, we always suggest travelers be at the station as early as possible, which is also the case in Urumqi. Usually it only takes 30 minutes for passengers to go through the security check, but now, the time is doubled. To make sure to get on the train on time, it’s better for passengers to get in the station three hours in advance, especially in the afternoon. To avoid any risk, our suggestion is still early planning – collect your train tickets 1 day prior to your departure date. You don’t want to take any chance of missing the train while waiting to collect the tickets, do you?

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