Tips for Beijing to Shanghai Train Travel

September 10, 2015 Published by: Jolie

Are you planning to have a train travel from Beijing to Shanghai recently? Here we have some tips for you to avoid trouble during your trip.


Railway routes between Beijing and Shanghai fall into the catalog of Jinghu Railways. With the high speed route and a regular one being the major choices, this route is one of the busiest routes nationwide.

High-Speed Railway

Jinghu High-Speed Railway is the most important connection in China built in 2011. 1318km in distance, this long high-speed line has been delivering millions of people to the two ends every year. The high-speed train runs faster than the parallel conventional train at a speed of over 300km/h. Only 5 hours in average will be taken to travel from Beijing South Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Regular Railway

Connecting 7 provinces, Jinghu Railway serves the busiest rail corridor in China. It offers non-stop overnight trip with a more economic price. Passengers who are not in a hurry can choose this line to experience a train sleep.

How to Choose Train Type

There are three kinds of trains (G-category, D-category and T-category) that depart from Beijing to Shanghai. “G” stands for 300km/h high-speed train; “D” stands for 250km/h express sleeper train; “T” stands for classic sleeper train.

For passengers who are having a tight schedule, the G-category train is the best choice. Compared with the flight, the G-trains could save time of airport check-in and security. The unreliability of boarding time in the airport may also delay your schedule. G-trains ensure your every step on time and provide more fun of sightseeing.

Travelling by D-category trains takes more time than the G-category. So they have sleeper coaches for choice if you want to experience a night sleep.

T109 (19:33 – 10:44 the next day) is the only non-high-speed train running between the two cities. Sleepers and seats both are available. Many travelers would go for soft sleepers as they are more spacious and equipped with western-style toilets.

Click here to check train timetable and ticket prices.

How to Choose the Seat

On High-speed trains

2nd class seat, 1st class seat, and business class seat are facilitated on Beijing – Shanghai high speed train (G-category & D-category). But G-trains have no sleepers while D-trains have.

2nd class seats are arranged like this: 2 and 3 seats on each side of the passageway. It is perfectly ok if you are not required too much space to stretch. But no power socket offering.

1st class seats are more spacious with two seats on each side. Each pair of seats has a power socket in the seat base. You can enjoy a very convenient and comfortable journey along with the beautiful scenery passing by the window.

The business class seats are arranged with only three seats across the car width. Seats in this car can electronically recline as a flat bed for a better rest. There is a VIP lounge bar for business passengers to relax with. You can also have a broader vision of the outside world. It is well worth if you prefer a more private and comfortable space.

A special seat called "seat for sightseeing" is only facilitated on G-trains. But in most cases it is not available for its relatively luxurious.

The soft sleeper car on D-trains has four beds in each room which is more comfortable for an overnight rest.

On Regular Train

T-train is facilitated with hard seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper and superior soft sleeper. With a very low price, however, the hard seat can be tiring for a long-distance journey of over 15 hours. Hard sleeper would be better with six bunks in one compartment. With four beds in one compartment, the soft sleeper allows more space to stretch your arms and legs. If you require a more private environment,  superior soft sleeper is where you want to be as there are only two beds in one room.

How to Book and Collect Beijing-Shanghai Railway Train Ticket

Book Tickets

Since China’s railway is always popular for locals and foreigners, it is necessary to book train tickets in advance. On China Highlights’ website, you can check train timetable and make bookings within 3 easy steps. To better serve our customers, we also help to order on the phone.

With China Train Booking app, passengers do not need to wait at the ticket office to buy tickets. Just click your screen with several easy steps, and then it’s done. Language cannot be a barrier this time. China Train Booking app helps foreigners book train tickets in seven mainstream languages on a handset.

Collect Tickets

After booking successfully, we will send a pick-up voucher to your app account. Without checking your E-mail for details, you can collect ticket in any ticket office in China along with the voucher and your passport. If you would like to spend more time for sightseeing, tick ticket delivery service on the ticket collection section. Your ticket will be found at your doorstep 1-2 day later. Download the app here: China Train Booking.

Departure & Arrival

There are two stations of departure and arrival in both Beijing and Shanghai: Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station are high-speed trains station, Beijing Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station are sleeper trains stations.

Beijing South Railway Station:

1. Metro

Beijing South Railway Station is 6 km south-west of Tiananmen Square; Taking subway is a good choice to avoid traffic jam. Metro line 4 has a stop called Beijing South Railway Station there.

2. Bus

Bus No.20/84/102/106/203/381/458/485 is arriving here. Fare depends on the distance starting from 2 yuan.

3. Taxi

If you pick up a taxi, price will start from 10 yuan. Just tell taxi driver that you are going to “Beijing Nan Zhan” (Chinese pronunciation of Beijing South Railway Station) and show the Chinese version “北京南站”to the driver as well.

Beijing Railway Station

1. Metro

Beijing Railway Station is 3.8 km south-east of Tiananmen Square. If you take subway, get on metro line 2 to Beijing Railway station. The operating time of Beijing Subway is usually from 5AM to 10PM.

2. Bus

Bus No. 20/29/39/52/103/122/204/208/403/420/637/666/938 has a stop here. Fare depends on the distance starting from 2 yuan.

3. Taxi

If you choose taxi to go, tell taxi driver the destination is “Beijing Huo Che Zhan” (Chinese pronunciation of Beijing Railway Station) and also show the Chinese version “北京火车站”.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

1. Metro

Honqiao railway station is 18km west of central Shanghai. The Subway Station of Hongqiao Railway is on the -2F of the train station in the same building. Metro line 2 and 10 are running there and the station is called Hongqiao Railway Station.

2. Bus

Buses No. 350/537/714 are running on this route.

3. Taxi

Taxi is waiting at the taxi pick-up area. The starting price is 14 yuan in Shanghai.

Shanghai Railway Station.

1. Metro

Shanghai Railway Station is 3.5km east of central Shanghai.  Metro line 1, 3 and 4 are available at this subway station. The operating time of Shanghai Subway is usually from 5:30AM to 10:30PM.

2. Bus

Bus No. 329/573/741/822/844/955 has a stop there.

3. Taxi

Find out the taxi pick-up area on the ground floor. Fare starts from 14 yuan.

Security Check

The security check is at the entrance of every train station. Though the security policy is not as strict as in the airport, dangerous goods are also prohibited to carry. If you do not carry a too much large suitcase, there is no need to consign your luggage. In case of double security checks in certain time, we suggest you get to the station one hour earlier.

Tips for Packing

1. Ticket and passport should always be with you during your trip in case of any temporary checking.

2. Bring some snacks with you. Food and drink on the train is more expensive than usual.

3. Be well prepared of your daily uses. Most trains in China have two types of toilets; one is the traditional hole-in-the-floor type of facility, and another is a “western” toilet. Daily necessities, such as disposable toilet seat covers and toilet paper, should be packed in your carry-on bag. For passengers who are going to spend a night on the train, a tooth brush and paste is necessary, too.

4. Small baggage can be put on the upper luggage rack. Large baggage should be placed at the rear of carriage. Remember to carry your valuables with you all the time on the train.

5. If you travel with kids, bring a little toy for children and a book for you to kill time.

6. Take a light coat with you in summer time is a wise choice. The temperature on the train is always much lower than the outside. A long sleeved shirt may protect you not to get a cold. Also, a light coat helps you fall asleep more easily on the train.

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