5 Things You Should Know About China Train Booking App

July 2, 2015 Published by: Joshua

Launched in January 2015, China Train Booking app (IOS version) is seeing its growth by the day and more and more people use it as a good tool for trip planning. Keeping in mind the following 5 things will help you master the app and therefore your travel by train.

1. China Train Booking app works anytime and anywhere

Yes, the app works on any version of iPhone, iPad and iPod (MacBook and AppleWatch are not available for the moment). You can search trains, check train timetable and tickets and make bookings anytime given network is accessible, not matter in China or at home. However, the sale team behind works from 9AM to 5PM every day from Monday to Saturday. Your bookings will be processed during the working hours.

2. It is a booking system not a guaranty

China Train Booking app is simply a booking system that requires human work and time obtaining tickets offline. Sometimes it can be hard to purchase tickets but we will always try our best. We don’t say we can get your tickets 100% sure. If tickets are not successfully issued, your money will be refundable, that, we can guarantee.

3. Change language

You can change the default language setting on your device to change the language version of the app. China Train Booking app now has English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Russian versions, each of which there are real people speaking your mother tongue standing by 24/7. 

4.Payment options

Now we offer two options for payment: one is pay directly with credit card and the other is pay via PayPal. Paying with credit card, you just need to scan the card with your mobile’s camera (or tablet’s) and make transaction next. By paying with PayPal, you won’t have to log in with PayPal or have a PayPal account to enjoy its ease; our app will redirect you to a PayPal page where you can process to pay via your PayPal account or card. Either of these two options detains any of your personal or credit card info.  

5. Pick-up number is still needed for ticket collection

Much as the same in the website version, China Train Booking app offers ticket delivery service and collecting tickets by yourself. Booking via the app, you can collect tickets at any railway station once issued and you will need a pick-up number to do that. You will find the number in the confirmation email. 

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