Preview Your Train & Seat on China Train Booking App

July 24, 2015 Published by: Joshua

Train travel has already become a popular choice for travelers to get around China, no matter first-timers or mature explorers. Many travelers are curious about what the trains and seats are like, which might likely decide which type of train they’d choose later. China Train Booking (iOS) updated a new feature that allows travelers to get a preview before they get onboard.

When searching for a train, you will reach a list of search result including various types of trains and their seats. In the next step after choosing a certain train, there will be a photo column under Schedule. Unfolding the column, you will see over 10 photos for this certain train and its seat types. Photos show the exterior and interior of the train, seats and other facilities such as luggage storage, bathroom, power socket and dining.   

Each photo can be zoomed out by movement of your fingers; info photos introduce details of specific types of seats; save the photos and you can also forward them to friends via mail, massage or even print it out.

This preview feature, we hope, could help travelers choose the right train and seat as well as save time questioning about what to expect. More photos will be added in the app in the future (let us know if you could share some cool shoots).

To make your travel smart and easy, download our app now: China Train Booking.

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