Rainstorm Put Several Trains Out of Operation

August 6, 2015 Published by: Joshua

As reported, over 40 pairs of trains bounding to/departing from/passing by Xi’an will be put out of operation due to the sever rainstorm in Shaanxi Province from August 7. China Rail takes action after the rainstorm caused a number of delays in this station.

Some major railway routes included in this out-of-operation train list are:

K377    Shanghai – Xining

K1027   Qingdao – Lanzhou

Z166    Lhasa – Shanghai

K2187   Xining – Shanghai

Z106    Urumqi – Jinan

T139    Shanghai – Xi’an

K645    Guangzhou – Xi’an

K647    Xi’an – Guangzhou

K630  Lanzhou – Beijing Xi

Passengers who booked train tickets of the above trains shall make cancellation or changes now. Transit in other station is also an option. So far, the re-operation schedule is still to be advised. 

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