Why Choose China Train Booking App to Book Train Tickets?

June 25, 2015 Published by: Cherish Fu

Inspired by the idea of helping foreign travelers book China train tickets as easily as the locals, China Train Booking has attracted more and more travelers since its first launch in January 2015. This app makes language barrier and carries China Highlights’ well renowned train ticket booking services onto the handiest possible platform: your mobile phone.

What is China Train Booking App?

China Train Booking is an application that is developed by China Highlights. Its major features include search trains, check ticket availability and prices and book China train tickets; all that is done within 3 minutes on your mobile phone or other smart devices.

How Can China Train Booking Help You?

Not speaking Chinese, you may find it hard booking a train ticket at the train station, let alone limited gateways on internet. Timing is hard, too. You might find the tickets all sold out when you finally get through the language barrier. China Train Booking can be your solution.

1.Easy booking system

China Highlights’ train ticket booking system is well appreciated by seat61.com and TripAdvisor as a good tool for trip planning. Same story continues on your mobile or tablet. Train ticket booking will be completed within only 3 steps. All you have to do is to input your destination, search the train, select the seat ideal for your trip, submit the booking and pay via PayPal or credit card.

2. Multi-language support

So far we have the app in English, French, Italian,German, Spanish and Russian, making it easy for everyone to book train tickets away from China soil. The sale team is also multi-language and you can totally forget about the language barrier.

3. Get tickets faster than other agents

China Train Booking app has a strong backstage that makes it possible to get tickets issued as fast as it can be given the bookings are paid instantly online. For urgent bookings, say booking train tickets in 2 days, we have manual process that betters the chance to obtain tickets. And no worries; money is 100% refundable if ticket obtaining fails.

4. Ticket delivery service

Choose ticket delivery service, you can have your train tickets sent to any address in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. This would save you a lot of time and trouble collecting tickets at the station on your own. We use SF Express, the best express company in China, and a tracking code can help you track down the trail before the ticket parcels gets to you.

5. Down-to-details service

Your train tickets might be successfully issued but our service doesn't stop here. We offer free train travel guide, including station instruction, guidance on how to collect tickets or boarding the train and etc. 24/7 real human service guarantees you travel easily and worry-free. 

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