Zhengzhou Railway Station: Transit Passageway Built to Save Time and Trouble

August 21, 2015 Published by: Peggie Lv

According to Zhengzhou Railway Station, a new transit passageway has been put into use since August 18, 2015. The special passageway is on Platform 1; with over clear guiding signs all around the station, travelers holding transit tickets can easily find their way to the right place.

As the largest transit station in the country, Zhengzhou Railway Station meets over 10 thousands in their transit. Most south-north-direction train routes and some east-west ones take Zhengzhou as a transit hub, including Beijing – Hong Kong Route, Longhai – Lanxin Route and 330 train routes running by on a daily basis. “The first time I got here, it took me about 40 minutes to change to my next train to Guangzhou.” Said Mr. Chang. “Now it’s a different story.”

First-timers are easily to get overwhelmed by the scale of the railway station, especially when one is in a hurry to catch the next train. Going the old-fashion way, passengers would have to exit the railway station as their first train arrives and get in again. Such a 40-minute-at-least job has been made easy thanks to the transit passageway, saving at least half of the time .

The signs of the transit passageway are in Chinese only, but you can use this sentence to find the right direction:


(Excuse me, would you please tell me where the transit passageway is? Thank you!)

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