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Ticket Delivery — A Smart Option Worth Way More Than 9 Bucks

Track Your Shipment

    This Is How We Do It:

    1. We get your booking online.

    2. We process your booking online. Most of the time it goes without a hitch, but yes, sometimes it can be very difficult to get the few available tickets left. The whole process takes about 1 hour or so, before tickets are issued successfully. 

    3. We wait in line to get your ticket(s) at the railway station. It might take up to an hour or more of travel advisors’ off-duty spare time.

    4. Preparing the delivery parcel: We put the ticket(s) into a customer-made envelop and carefully seal it up. Our travel advisors make sure everything is correct: double checking the delivery address and receiver information before the envelop goes into the parcel pack.

    5. Our assigned SF Express delivery guy comes and picks up the parcel. Once again, he will check the address and receiver info before taking the parcel. A travel advisor will sign it off if everything is alright.

    6. The deliver guy puts the parcel into his big water-proof bag and drives off to the nearby distribution center, where the parcel will be distributed again to the city’s prime distribution center.

    7. SF Express flights take your parcel by air, heading to your destination without any delay. The parcel arrives at your pick up city, and is once again put into a delivery guy’s big bag.

    8. The deliver guy takes your parcel to the hotel lobby (or your designated pick up address), seemingly-effortlessly ready for you!

    How to Make Ticket Delivery Serve You Even Better

    I think you’ll agree the price for our ticket delivery service is fairly reasonable: 9 USD for mainland China; 15 USD for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau; regardless how many tickets in the package.
    Online tracking helps us keep track of every parcel after it’s sent out. When it arrives at your designated receiving address, two phone calls are made: one to the very deliveryman who made the drop-off, and one to the hotel receptionist (if your designated address is a hotel), which ensures your train ticket(s) arrive as expected.
    Here’s some things you can do to make the delivery option serve you even better:

    Why and When You Might Need Ticket Delivery

    Ticket delivery is an optional service that we highly recommend if you meet one of the following criteria:

    1. Do you want to spend more time e.g. sightseeing, and less waiting in lines?

    If you are leaving for your next destination on a tight schedule, ticket delivery to your hotel would save you time getting jostled in a waiting line at the train station.

    Whether you’re sightseeing, on business, or just relaxing, any corner of China is far more enjoyable than in a jammed and noisy train station queue.

    2. Are you traveling at peak times?

    Chinese Spring Festival, National Day, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor’s Day and other public holidays always cause a nationwide rush, making it all the harder to buy and collect train tickets. Our one-stop service covers ticket purchasing, issue, and delivery, which saves you at least 2 hours in the waiting line during peak times!

    3. Are you booking more than one train journey?

    When booking more than one train route, you will have to repeat the same routine to a clerk till it’s done. And if you are buying tickets for others, you will be required to show I.D. or passports of every single passenger. Oh my, the trouble, especially if you can’t understand or speak Chinese! Why don’t you let us do the job since we are so good at it? All your tickets, for you and all your traveling companions, will arrive intact in one package.

    4. Do you like to have things ready in advance, even at 2 days notice?

    Prior preparation prevents poor performance, and so it is with China trains. So you decide to get online and book a train from Shanghai to Hangzhou the day after tomorrow. This can be done while you are still in Beijing, or anywhere. Instead of, when you arrive in Shanghai, rushing to the train station to get your tickets in hand, pay a few extra bucks for our train ticket delivery service. You will find your tickets waiting at reception of your hotel in Shanghai when you arrive.

    How We Chose Our Delivery Method

    Delivery Services in China

    Driving electric tricycles with loads of boxes and bags held tight together by narrow straps, the deliverymen weave their way through traffic with precise judgment of distance between cars and remarkable dexterity. Such a scene in Chinese cities big and small has made the delivery services an industry that enjoys year-on-year revenue growth, and the second biggest volume just after the U.S.

    Delivery service wasn’t a household concept till the 90’s or later in China, while the four international brands (DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT) had already dominated the country’s outbound shipping. Domestic delivery services’ B2C (Business to Customers) system leverage off the fast-escalating online shopping websites, such as Taobao.com, JD.com, and Amazon.com. Currently there are over 8,000 registered courier companies, and still counting...

    Sending a parcel is just as easy as making a phone call. The deliveryman will come to your door and pick up the item after a call. Prices differ by areas in China, and weight of parcel. E-bikes get the packages to another address in the same city. When your package travels across province(s), it is probably on a long-distance bus, train, truck, or flight. For most private delivery companies, it takes 3 to 5 days to get to the destination by air, 4 to 7 days overland.

    We chose from the best…

    There is the possibility that the parcel gets delayed, or even worse lost on the way, or arrives damaged. Efficiency and safety is what every customer expects from a delivery service. That is how we make the choice of SF Express (顺丰速运) and Sto Express (申通快递), after we’d been dealing with more than 10 delivery companies.

    Take SF Express for example, SF Express stands as a gold standard in the delivery industry. Door-to-door and same-city next-day arrival and cross-province two-day arrival is their norm of service! This means you can get your ticket within 48 hours after it’s sent out.

    This norm is executed by 15 of their own aircraft, flying over 230 routes nationwide; big-capacity warehouses, and strictly-managed distribution centers. For major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu, a three-day arrival is a solid guarantee. SF Express runs their distribution centers as chains under unified supervision and management. Their deliverymen are trained with passion and professionalism, driving licensed e-bikes or motorcycles, they always arrive at your door with a big smile and an intact package. Their services now extend to Hong Kong, Macau, and abroad. Online tracking a matter of a few clicks