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 Chongqing Nightlife

Chongqing Nightlife

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 27, 2021

Dragon Lantern in Tongliang County

Tongliang County has long been well known for its dragon lanterns and the dragon lantern dances. The dance features large stage properties, exaggerated dance movements, and a grand atmosphere. It is performed amidst the blowing and beating of Chinese wind and percussion musical instruments and a display of fireworks to present an exhilarating scene of jubilation and celebration.


Chongqing is famous for its acrobatics. "Balancing on a Plank and Bowls Topping" by the Chongqing Acrobatic Troupe won a silver medal at the Ninth World Acrobatics of Tomorrow Festival and the troupe's Plate Spinning and Jumping Through Hoops were winners of the Silver Lion Medal at the National Acrobatics Tournament.

Pubs and Clubs

Cotton Pub 棉花酒吧

  • Address: No.5, Minsheng Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区民生路5号金塔大厦)
  • Average Price Per Person: 130 yuan

Soho Bar 苏荷酒吧

  • Address: No.88, Jiaochang Kou, Yuzhong District (渝中区较场口88号得意世界1楼)
  • Average Price Per Person: 119 yuan

No.88 Pub NO.88 酒吧

  • Address: NO.260, Bayi Crossing, Yuzhong District (渝中区八一路口260号恒通云顶2楼)
  • Tel: 023-6372 1088
  • Average Price Per Person: 123 yuan

Babi Club 芭芘酒吧

  • Address: NO.51, MInquan Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区民权路51号)

Cafés and Teahouses

Good Wood Coffee 良木缘咖啡

  • Address: NO.139, Zhourong Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区邹容路139号)
  • Tel: 023-6370 0125
  • Average Price Per Person: 41 yuan

There are several Starbuck Coffee branches in Chongqing with the average price per person is about 30 yuan. The following is detailed information for some of them.

Beicheng Tian Street Branch

  • Address: No.6, Beicheng Tian Street, Jiangbei District (江北区北城天街6号)
  • Tel: 023-6785 0330

Jiefangbei Branch

  • Address: No.109, Zhourong Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区邹容路109号)
  • Tel: 023-6383 3237

Diwang Branch

  • Address: Diwang Square, No.166, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区民族路166号地王广场)
  • Tel: 023-6380 8878

U.B.C Coffee 上岛咖啡

  • Address: NO.166, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区民族路166号)
  • Tel: 023-8903 3033
  • Average Price Per Person: 51 yuan

Yuanyuanyuan Teahouse (圆缘园) has several branches in Chongqing, with the average price per person is about 30 yuan. It should be the beat teahouse in Chongqing.

Xiaolongkan Branch

  • Address: Jiaduoli Square, No.86, Xiaolongkan Xin Street, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区小龙坎新街86号嘉多利广场2楼)
  • Tel: 023-6530 3785

Jiefangbei Branch

  • Address: No.139, Zhourong Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区邹容路139号)
  • Tel: 023-6373 066 / 6373 5860

Jiangbei Branch

  • Address: the 5th Floor of Xianggang City, Beichengrian Street, Jiangbei District (江北区北城天街香港城5楼)
  • Tel: 023-6786 1519

Golf Courses

Baoli Golf Club 保利高尔夫球会

  • Address: No.1, Kaiyuan Longhuai Street, Beibei District (北碚区经开园龙怀街1号)
  • Tel: 023-6788 3338

Dongfang Golf Club 东方高尔夫会所

  • Address: Datian Wan, Yuzhong District (渝中区大田湾)
  • Tel: 023-63621237

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts in the Olympic Sports Center 奥体中心网球场

  • Address: the Olympic Sports Center in Jiulong Po District (九龙坡区奥体中心)
  • Tel: 023-68631198

Tennis Court in Shaping Park 沙坪公园网球场

  • Address: Shaping Park, Tianchen Road, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区天陈路沙坪公园内)

Kaidi Tennis Club 凯蒂网球俱乐部

  • Address: Aoti Road, Julong Po District (九龙坡区奥体路)
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