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Dalian is famous for its seafood selections such as fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, abalone, sea bream, and sea conch. The dishes are usually on the salty side. Be sure to tell the cook if less salt is desired.

Speciaty Restaurants in Dalian

Long Hai Fish Bay

  • Address: U. Mens B Section No. 21 Tongtai Street
  • Telephone: 0411-83685555
  • Ri Hang Hotel

    • Comment: Foods from South and East Asia
    • Address: No. 1 to 23, Yangtze River Road, Zhangshan District
    • Telephone: 0411-82529999

    Dalian Swiss Hotel

    • Comment: Mediterranean cooking and tasting on the 8th floor restaurant
    • Address: Located in the center of Dalian city. It is a 5 minutes walk from Dalian railway station and 20 minutes ride from Dalian airport
    • Telephone: 0411-82303388-8852
    • Bohai Grand hotel

    • Comment: Foods from Sichuan, Shangdong, and Guangdong areas
      Address: No. 5, Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian city
    • Telephone: 0411-2808999
    • Hua Hua Japanese restaurant

    • Comment: Japanese
    • Address: NO. 69, Gao Erji Road, Xigang District
    • Telephone: 0411-3677299
    • Dalian New Oriental restaurant

    • Address: NO. 3 Gangwan Square
    • Telephone: 0411-2706999