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 Dalian Restaurants

Dalian Restaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 7, 2021

Wanbao Sea Food Boat Restaurant

It can be the super sea food restaurant in Dalian with luxurious decoration. Every dish there can be a exquisite product and the servers there all have high-quality serving skills. Some highly recommended dishes are: sea chestnut (海胆), baked prawns (盐烤大虾), swimming crab (飞蟹), abalone (鲍鱼), raw arkshell (生吃赤贝), ribs with garlic fragrance (蒜香排骨), strained and then steamed rice with abalone (鲍鱼捞饭), lobsters (龙虾), steamed fresh water crab (大闸蟹), dumplings wrapped with croaker meat (黄花鱼饺子) and sea cucumber (海参).

  • Chinese name: 万宝海鲜舫 Wanbao Haixian Fang /wan-baoww heye-sshyeh fung/
  • Average price per person: 250 yuan
  • Attributes: Business banquet, family-friendly and romantic
  • Address: 108 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District (中山区解放路108号)
  • Tel: 0411-39912888

Tasting Seafood Building

The dominant hue for the decoration of the restaurant is blue, which is very different from common restaurants dominant hue: yellow. Hence, the decoration gives customers a sea-like elegance and quiet. It mainly serves all kinds of seafood, such as Hawaii scallops (夏威夷扇贝) with much meat,tender raw sea chestnuts (生海胆) and the soft steamed buns (the staple food). Other recommended dishes are: sea chestnut soup (翡翠海胆汤), abalone (鲍鱼), clams cooked with fermented soya beans (豆豉大蛤) and sea worm (海肠), roast shrimp (烤海虾).

  • Chinese name: 品海楼 Pin Hai Lou /pin heye low/
  • Average price per person: 114 yuan
  • Attributes: Family-friendly, business banquet, romantic and relaxation
  • Address: Inside Erqi Square, 46 Beidou Street, ZHongshan District (中山区北斗街46号二七广场内()
  • Tel: 0411-82719688
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