Day Trip Beijing Trips Tianjin Cruise Port to Downtown Beijing Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer

Tianjin Cruise Port Downtown Beijing Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer

  • Duration: 3.0 hours (approx.)
  • Guaranteed Departure
Price: $49
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Book a private transfer!

For any other cruises, we also can offer private transfer service, comfortable vehicle with spacious luggage space. Please tell us the information below and we will contact you back within 24 hours.

So now your cruise ship is reaching the shore and you are wondering how to spend your days in China. First things first, how do you get out of the cruise dock? Booking a tour is a straightforward answer, but you need to pick the right one, one that is easy to book, flexible, trustworthy, and great value.

We Make Everything Really Smooth And Easy

We Start One Day Ahead

Our tour guides and drivers get to Tianjin one day ahead and have a good night sleep allowing them to be first at the dock. No matter what time you get off the cruise you will see us waiting, lively and ready. More importantly, we avoid fatigued driving, so you will have a safe and smooth trip to Beijing.

No Waiting

You won’t waste any time trying to find us because our tour guides all wait at Exit 3, where you can’t miss us. You will see three, four, five, or more tour guides who will be holding signs with our logo. You will hit the road once the shared coach is full, which should be less than half an hour after you get off the cruise. Customers opting for private transport can head off for Beijing straight away.

Go Well-informed

You are probably very curious about where you are heading. On the way to Beijing, your tour guide will introduce the city, and make the best of the 2-hour drive. Our tour guides, some of the best in the city, are Beijing locals. They will share some insider tips, and answer your questions.

Easy to Get Around

Our shared coaches will stop at four major hotels in downtown Beijing. If your hotel is not on the stop list, our tour guide will call a taxi for you, and provide a hand-written taxi note to help you get there hassle-free. 

With private transport you don’t need to check in at a hotel straight away as our vehicle will keep your luggage safe. You can start sightseeing when you arrive in Beijing.

Tianjin Cruise Port Beijing

  • Pick Up Location: Exit 3 of Arrival Hall
  • Boarding & Leaving Time: Board on the bus at 8:00am and leave the port at around 10:00am
  • Note: The Ship Company will assign an appointed disembark time for each passenger in advance. Please let us know. We suggest you to negotiate with ship company to get you to disembark at first priority. Please bring your passport with you for China Customs and Immigration.

Typical Pickup Timeline

Our tour guides and drivers get to Tianjin and stay overnight at a hotel near Tianjin Port one day ahead.

All shared coaches and private cars drive off to Tianjin Port.

Arriving at Tianjin Port, our tour guides are not allowed to get inside the waiting hall. They will wait at the Exit 3. Meanwhile, the cruise has anchored and there is a line of passengers waiting to get out from Gate 1.

Our customers find our tour guides easily at the exit 3 and board the coach. Please present your booking confirmation so that we can make sure our customers arrive safely. Meanwhile, other passengers are looking for their guides from other companies.

Our private groups set off to Beijing in the private cars, while our coaches are waiting for the rest of passengers.

The first shared coach of 20 passengers sets off to Beijing.

The very last of our customers get on board and the rest of coaches hit the road.

All private cars arrive in Beijing and start sightseeing.

The first coach arrives in Beijing. All of our customers are dispatched to their different hotels to check in. 45 minutes later, the second coach arrives.

Tour Itinerary

You will be met by an English-speaking guide holding our China Highlight's meeting sign. Start a 3-hour transfer to Beijing. We will take a 15-minute short break at the highway service area on the halfway. You can buy some snacks and go to restrooms there. Note: We will arrange driver service but no tour guide if there're less than 10 passengers in the group.

The coach will stop at four hotels: Beijing International Hotel, Novotel Peace Hotel Beijing, Crowne Plaza Beijing (road side) and Prime Hotel. For guests who live in other hotels, the guide will help arrange a taxi at their own cost.

The below hotels are in the walking distance of the drop off points: Regent Beijing, Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing, Red Wall Garden Hotel, Legendale Hotel Beijing, The Peninsula Beijing. Sunworld Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Beijing, Lee Garden Service Apartments, The Peninsula Beijing,Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

  • Meeting Point: The parking lot of Beijing International Hotel.
  • Meeting Time: From 9:30am to 9:59am.
  • Departure time: 10am (sharp). Note: We will arrange driver service but no tour guide if there're less than 10 passengers in the group.
Tour Itinerary

Your English-speaking guide will wait for you at the parking lot of Beijing International Hotel from 0930am to 0959am. The parking lot is 50m from the west gate of Beijing International Hotel. He/she will hold a China Highlight's flag and then you can easily find. The shared coaches will leave for Tianjin Cruise Port at 10am sharp. Enjoy a 3-hour comfortable transfer and arrive at the Tianjin Cruise Port at around 13:30.

Note: Beijing International Hotel is a well known address. If you take taxi, this information will make help,
“Hello, please send me to the parking lot of Beijing International Hotel (West Gate). Thanks.”
In Chinese: “您好!请送我到北京国际饭店西侧的停车场。谢谢!”

Beijing International Hotel on Map

Port Info

10-minutes to the waiting hall

 After you are off the cruise, you will walk through a 30-meter-long covered bridge before you reach the arrival gate. Arrival formalities are quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes. And then you will enter the waiting hall. 

Take Exit 3

 There are three exits from the waiting hall: 1, 2, and 3. Gateway 1 and 2 are for tour groups. Passengers of the tour groups have to pick up their luggage from special luggage rooms in the hall marked with their group names. Our customers can exit straight away through Gateway 3.

Find us at Exit 3

 Tour guides are only allowed to wait for passengers at the exits, not inside the waiting hall. Don’t worry if you can’t see us in the waiting hall. Just walk out of Exit 3 and you will spot our tour guides.

Port Facilities

No Money Exchange

The money exchange desk is not in use. No worries if you need money to take a taxi or tip the hotel porter, taxis and porters accept HKD and USD. Your hotel will probably accept major credit/debit cards, and you can use these to withdraw yuan from Bank of China ATMs.

No Shops and Hotels

Just a heads-up, there’s no shop in the port, nor in a 10-km radius. The nearest hotel is 15km away. 

Info Desk

The information desk is near Exit 3, where you can ask for directions and special services, such as renting a wheelchair.

Parking Lots

Near Exit 1 there is a parking lot for coaches. Vans and taxis park in the lot near Exit 3.

Transportation Alternatives


You will encounter numerous taxi drivers as you exit the port, charging 200 to 300 USD to Beijing, and 100 USD to Tianjin downtown. Some unlicenced drivers even camouflage themsevles as legit ones, but with them you risk no insurance cover if you have an accident.

Trains from Tanggu Railway Station

It takes 20 minutes by taxi to Tanggu Railway Station (塘沽火车站), a quiet, small station in Tianjin. Pre-booking tickets to Beijing is important, because chances are there will be no tickets available to buy at the station.  

Trains from Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Railway Station (天津火车站), 1 hour from the port, is big but low on signage. It can be rather a hassle to get in and out the station with luggage, not to mention the long lines. There is a special counter for Tianjin–Beijing intercity tickets, but often only trains departing 2 or 3 hours later are available.