Home FAQ What should I do if I lose my passport during my stay in china?

What should I do if I lose my passport during my stay in china?

What should I do if I lose my passport during my stay in china?
  1. Be sure to check if your passport is indeed lost before you report it. Once it is reported lost, it is cancelled and no longer valid, and you’ll need a replacement. Also note that offices handling such issues usually close on weekends and public holidays.
  2. Ask your tour guide for assistance, and immediately report the loss to the nearest Public Security Bureau, who will issue a proof of loss for you.
  3. Go to your hotel and ask for stamped proof of your residency.
  4. Have your original identity and proof of citizenship (must be the original government-issued photo ID document).
  5. Have about 8 passport photos 2" X 2" (5 cm X 5 cm) with a white background. It usually needs 2 photos for the application of new passport, but you will also need photos to apply for visa, emergency passport and your new passport.
  6. Have a copy of your passport (Suggest you take several copies of your passport before you start your trip just in case)
  7. With all the things prepared, locate the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country and apply for a replacement passport in person. You’ll be required to complete a new passport application and there will be fee charged for replacing passport. The processing time is about two working days.(Check out embassies in China at http://www.chinahighlights.com/embassy/)
  8. After the new passport is issued, go to the Public Security Bureau and apply for new visa, so you can go on your trip or re-enter your country. Please note that in some cases, a replacement may take weeks to process, and it may be valid only for a limited time. (If you travel with a tour group, and the processing time of the replacement makes you fail to catch up the group's travel schedule, you need to apply for separation from group visa.) So take especial care of your passport in your journey.