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FAQ on Wheelchair Service

How to book cheap domestic flights in China?

1. Try to book or purchase early The earlier you book, the more discount you can get. When booking or purchasing tickets in advance (also known as advance tickets), you can usually have five choices, namely reserving 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 days ahead. It is always the case that tickets reserved 30 days ahead have a bigger discount than those reserved 15 days ahead. It is of great risk to purchase tickets within 10 days before the flight departure, although the airline may increase the discount if the sales volume is less than required because of customers canceling. Early ticket purchasing and booking thus are highly suggested. 2. Choose Off-Season Flights Typically Mondays, Tuesdays or the periods before and after a Golden Week (May Day Holiday, National Holiday and Chinese New Year) are the cheapest times to fly (off-season). Most airlines offer a relatively big discount. Additionally, late-night flights and early-morning flights tend to be discounted as well. However, the impact of large number of business travelers traveling causes late-night flights to Guangzhou and Shanghai to be more expensive than early-morning flights. 3. Buy an E-ticket Online Many online airfare ticket brokers offer a lower price, about 5%-10% below regular rates. Furthermore, buying an E-ticket online can cut the cost of airline agent fees. China Highlights offer very favorable flight discounts, and our professional trip advisors will help you and make sure that your booking process is worry-free. Please search and book China flights at http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-flights/ 4. Connect-Flight Tickets are Less Expensive than Direct Flight Tickets Since some of the direct lines are operated by one single airline, discount tickets are rarely offered. On the other hand, the connecting-flight is almost as convenient as the non-stop lines and its price is often 300-800 yuan lower per ticket. For example, when flying from Guangzhou to Lhasa, you can first take flight from Guangzhou to Chengdu, and then transfer flight to Lhasa. 5. Choose an Airline Stay with the same airline during your entire trip to receive round-trip or connecting fare discounts. Under normal circumstances, flights on China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou, flights on China Northwest Airlines to Chongqing, flights on Hainan Airlines to Sanya or Haikou, and flights on China Eastern Airlines to Shanghai are relatively cheaper compared to taking other airlines.

When do I need to contact Airlines if I need wheelchairs service

Please contact with airline company at least 72 hours before flight departure.

What are the regulations for transporting a wheelchair

Both manual and electronic wheelchairs are transported as checked baggage. They qualify as free checked-baggage so they are not included in baggage allowance limits. If a wheelchair is needed during check-in and has been given the consent of Airlines, it will be delivered at the departure gate before boarding. If an electronic wheelchair is checked, the packing should be as follows: • Wheelchair with leak-proof battery – Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it should be securely installed on the wheelchair. • Wheelchair without leak-proof battery – The battery should not be installed on the wheelchair and should have protective packaging. It should be leak-proof and fixed with a belt, fixture or bracket on the pallet or in the cargo compartment. Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it is filled with suitable absorption material to absorb any leaked liquid. • The packing will be marked as either “BATTERY, WET, WHEELCHAIR”, or “BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID”. Additional labels will be added saying “CORROSIVE” and “UPWARD”.