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Could you give me some advice on how to avoid risking Cultural Shock when traveling Tibet?


Tibet people are religious people and visitors may find their customs and practices are very different to that in the countries they come from. Although Tibet people are among the easiest to get along with in China but there are still some points you should be sensitive about when you travel there. 1. Do not photograph them without permission. 2. Do not talk the sensitive issues like politics &, religion. 3. Take your hat off when entering a chapel. 4. Do not take photos during a prayer meeting and in some larger monasteries, you may need to pay a small fee for the privilege of taking a photo. 5. Do not touch or remove anything on an altar. 6. Do not wear shorts or short shirts in a monastery and do not smoke in a monastery. 7. Do not eat horse, donkey and dog when in Tibet. 8. Always walk around monasteries, piles of Mani stones, pagodas and other religious structures in a clockwise direction. 9. Never touch Tibetan People on the head. 10. Do not smoke in monasteries.

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