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How to obtain a China visa in Nepal?

How to obtain a China visa in Nepal?

To obtain a China Visa in Nepal, you will need to allow about 4 days in Nepal for the visa application and Tibet permit to be processed. It takes at least 2 working days to obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the Embassy only works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will need to use an authorized travel agency in Nepal to help with your application. Please provide us with the contact information of the agency, so that we can email or fax the completed documents to the travel agency, as well as the Chinese embassy in Nepal.

The following information is required for these documents:
Photo copies of passports
Name as on Passport
Passport Number
Date of birth
Gender: Male/female

If you do not have a travel agency in Nepal, our partner travel agent - Explore Nepal Richa Tours will be happy to help you. Please contact them for more details. Just tell them that you are a client of China Highlights and they will give you the special discount price that we have negotiated for our customers.

Explore Nepal Richa Tours
Fax number 009771 4374658
Contact person: Major Ram (direct line)
Fax number 009771 4411746
Tel: 009771 4422007/ 4411746 Mobile 00977 9851052550

I also attached the contact information for Chinese Embassy in Nepal:
Tel: 009771 4419053, 4415383, 4411740
Fax no. 009771 4414045
Visa Section Tel: 009771 4425520

Please ensure that you allow time for the visa application to be processed in Nepal