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What kind of clothers is suitable in november . Is there any snow coming down. What is the temperature at that time?

Hi Siewkee, This is Grace. The temperature in November varies from 50oF to 30oF in Beijing. It usually snow in December, but the weather changes a lot this year. It maybe snow in November. You'd better take your warm coat. If you need any tours, hotels and transfer in Beijing, please feel free to send a mail to contact@chinahighlights.com. Wish you a nice time in Beijing.

what is the weather from 6-Dec to 12-Dec in Zhangjiajie ?

Hi Gary, Zhangjiajie is famous for its beautiful mountains, streams and lakes, if you go there in summers, you will have fun playing the clean water; if you go in winters, you will be amazed at trees and mountains covered by frost and snow. The weather in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park would be about ?3-13 degrees in December, it may snow during the time. If it snows, the shuttle bus from Yuanjiajie to Tianzi Mountain will not be available because the road is covered by ice. the weather in the city would be about 3-5 degrees warmer. Make sure that you bring enough warm coats with you. Zhangjiajie is a small city, it supports direct flights to a few big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, of course the capital city in Hunan province--Changsha. Check our recommended Zhangjiajie tour packages here, http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/zhangjiajietour/hun-3/ Candy at China Highlights

Hi , I would like to know roughly what is the weather temperature in Taipei around March . thanks

Hi Kelly, The temperature in Taipei during March is around 15 cesus degree, the temperature in mainland China will be lower. Lee


Hi, This is Coco, from Chinahighlight. It is my pleasure to help you. From the experience, the highest temperature around No,7th -14th will be about 11 °C, and the lowest will be about 0 °C, sometimes even under 0 °C. It will be very cold at that time, and it is wise to dress in layers: long underwear and jeans, shirt, sweater and down jacket. If you want to go local, you can buy a thick cotton army coat (jun da yi) for less than 100 yuan. By the way, there are lots of pupolar attractions in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square and Temple of Heaven, if your time will be flexible, these attractions are highly recommended. If you need us to arrange the tour for you, please let me know. best wishes, Coco

I plan to travel in Dec 4 to 12 what kind of dress -winter clothes to wear??

it will be depend on the area you'll travel to, if you travel to Beijing in north China, you need very warm jacket as the temperature is around minus 2 degree, but if you travel to Guilin in south China, you need bring a sweater as the temperature is around 8 degree.

what is the weather from Mid to End Dec?

The average temperature is around 16 C(54 F) , not too much rain. You should bring a jacket.

I been travelling to Juizhaiguo on 17/9/2010 to 25/9/2010 and would like to know what the temperature.

September is one of the best for travel to Jiuzhaigou. The mean temperature is 7℃ ~ 18 ℃, but the temperature changes quickly from daytimes to nights. Warm clothes will be needed in morning and at night.

hows the weather in shanghai for mid Oct 2010

Hi Abdul The average temperature in Shanghai for mid Oct will be 22°C. A T-shirt is enough. But I suggest you to bring a coat, just in case.

what's the weather from 10 oct to 15 oct in zhang jia jie?

Hi Chai The average temperature in zhang jia jie from 10 oct to 15 oct is 25°C, it is the best time to visit. If you are planing a trip, why not take a look at our Zhang Jia Jie Tour? http://www.chinahighlights.com/zhangjiajie/tours.htm

We are coming to Shanghai on the 11th November what clothing do I need and do I get a special pass to travel on your Fast train

Hello Jenny, Welcome to Shanghai! In mid-November, it is Autumn in Shanghai, and the weather is pleasant. Temperatures are 10-15 C, and you need to bring sweaters or jackets. As for riding the fast train, you don't need any special pass. You only need to buy the train tickets and bring it along with you while boarding or riding. Wish you a pleasant trip in Shanghai! If you need tour services in China, feel free to send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors will be glad to help and reply within 24 hours.

What's the weather or temperature during december month from 25th December onwards?

Hello Jimmy, It will have turned very cold in Harbin in late December, temperatures are -15C- -20C, and with possibility of snowfall. Every year from January 5 lasting about a month, Harbin International Snow Festival is held in Harbin. VIsitors can enjoy the snow world, snow sculptures and watch winter swimming and some other winter activities there. Harbin is a great place to travel in winter. More information about Harbin is at this page (http://www.chinahighlights.com/harbin/). If you need tour services in China, feel free to send us your inquiry to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors will be glad to help and reply within 24 hours.