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I am a vegetarian; can I get my preferred food in china?


China is a gastronomically well-endowed country and vegetarian food has commanded great importance of Chinese food culture. Chinese vegetarian food is generally divided into three types - the Monastery Vegetarian Food, the Court Vegetarian Food and the Folk Vegetarian Food. The variety ingredients include soyabean protein extract, taro powder, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and tofu(bean curd). Some of the famous dishes include Vegetarian It is easy to find vegetarian restaurants in the bigger cities like Beijing, Shanghai, xi'an ,Guilin, etc. Please be advised if you will have your tour arranged by a travel agency, please let them know that you are a vegetarian. For those carefree travelers, please click the link below for more information https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/menu/

I am visiting Jiuzhaigou, what sort of food can I expect?


Unfortunately the food in this area does not match the scenery. 1.There are only a few good restaurants in Jiuzhaigou and they're usually very crowded especially in peak season. 2.Fresh vegetables are rarely available as they need to transfer vegetables from other parts of the area. The high latitude the area located also affects the taste of food.

I heard that some restaurants in China have dog on the menu. Is that true?


We have to say it is true. Dog is eaten in certain areas in China, as it is in a number of other Asian countries. Restaurants that serve dog usually specialize in this dish, so you are unlikely to encounter dog on the menu unless you go looking and then only in particular areas of China.

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