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FAQ on Health concerns

Medical Treatment in China

Hotels usually have access to a doctor. In the event of a serious condition which requires hospitalization, your tour guide will do everything possible to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. Please call your China Highlights Travel Advisor so that we can help in any way possible. We highly recommend that all travelers purchase comprehensive travel insurance in their home country before departure.

Health Precautions while travel in China

Drink only boiled or bottled water or carbonated drinks in cans or bottles. Avoid tap water, fountain drinks. (also see Is the tap water drinkable?) Great food is often available from street vendors but please take the normal precautions if you wish to try food bought of the street. Don't handle animals (especially monkeys, cats, dogs), to avoid the risk of rabies. Don't swim in fresh water (excluding well-chlorinated pools) in some parts of China to avoid infection with schistosomiasis.

Do I need to bring my medical record?

We recommend that travelers carry a copy of relevant medical records. In the event of an emergency your medical records could be of great assistance. The medical record should include your blood type, immunization record, allergies, and any medications you are currently taking (both prescription and non-prescription. You should also include your doctor's name, address, phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company's name, address and phone number.

How can I get the health service in Beijing?

Hotels usually have access to a doctor if you need one. If your condition is serious, you will be taken to hospital. In emergency, you may call: SOS First Aid Centre Qianmen West Street Tel: 120/010-66014433 There are also two private clinics offering Western qualified doctors, medicines and treatment. Both run a 24-hour service and doctors and nurses can speak English. These clinics are not cheap, but they will accept payment by credit card. International Medical Centre (IMC) Lufthansa Centre (Ground Floor) Room 5106 50 Liangmaqiao Road Tel: 010-64651561 Asia Emergency Assistance (AEA) International 14 Liangmahe South Road 1/F Chaoyang District Tel: 010-64629100

What vaccinations do we need to travel to China and do you have any other medical suggestions?

There are no particular immunizations required for entry into China, unless the traveler is coming from a yellow fever infected area. If traveling to countryside and remote areas, hepatitis A, typhoid and rabies could be considered. It is very important that you consult your own doctor or local clinic for more information. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is below and provides information specifically about China.