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What is the difference between Superior, Deluxe tours and Tourist Class Tours?

The difference between Superior, Deluxe and Tourist Class Tour is reflected in the standard of hotels used in the quotation. In most circumstances Tourist Class will equate to 3 star, 4 star will equate to Deluxe Class and 5 star equals Superior Class. In some cases, we consider a hotel may not reach the required standard for its official rating and we will lower it for our purposes.

What's a private China tour?

Private China Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy many highlights and privileges that the other tours can not provide. Private cars or minibuses – A clear, air-conditioned car or minibus that will hold all your group members is at your service while sightseeing in a city or town, except when sightseeing is arranged by the cruise ship. Only your group will share your vehicle. Your group will usually use planes, trains or public express buses when transferring between cities or towns. Private cars or minibuses are not available except by special request and at extra cost. Private local tour guide – A local English-speaking guide (guide speaking other languages is available upon request) is available for your group in each city or town that you visit. The guide will take care of all tour arrangements. The guide is assigned to only your group, except if for Yangtze River cruises where the guide on the ship serves all the passengers. Private driver – An experienced driver in each city. Flexible tour arrangements – You are free to discuss with your tour guide if you want to lengthen or shorn or to change the times of the tour.

What is the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast?

A western breakfast will usually consist of buffet that contains - breakfast cereal, fruit, eggs, sausages, bacon and bread and toasting facilities. A Chinese breakfast will usually include a number of hot dishes such as noodles,vegetables and rice congee (porridge) and will probably also include fruit.A selection of steamed buns containing meat or red beans will probably also be available. Water and green tea is always available and black tea bags and coffee are usually available.

Do I need to include all the meals in the package?

China Highlights used to include all meals for our clients traveling in China. But from the previous customer's responses, we find that most of our clients prefer to leave the dinners open on their own so that they can enjoy some time themselves after a day's tour with our guide and driver. They can choose either to go to a local restaurant for a little adventure or to have a simple dinner in the hotel where they stay. They may also prefer to choose a unique restaurant which appeals to their own unique interests. We have previous clients saying that they missed western food after 10 days' lunches and dinners all in Chinese style and at last they decided to skip the Chinese dinner in local restaurant and choose to have a western dinner in hotel. If you decide to have local meals on your own in local restaurant in different cities, your guide will be glad to give you some advice on what is available. For some "off-the-beaten-road" destinations, we will take the liberty to include dinners in those places where we think it is better to get meals pre-arranged, because our clients may find it is very difficult to communicate with the locals or hard to find a suitable restaurant.

I had booked a private tour, but why is private transportation not provided between cities during my tour?

Private tour indicates that you will have private car, guide and driver to transfer you to all sightseeing and attractions listed. It does not include "Private transportation" between cities or places. We will use flights, trains, ships or local buses for in-land transportation for both "Group tours" or "Private tours".

Are breakfasts included in my tour?

If you book your hotel with us, your tour always includes breakfasts. If you book travel (plane or train) or hotel accommodation yourself then breakfast may not be included. Please confirm these details and advise your requirements.

Are your tour packages customizable (tailor-made by our travel advisor)

Yes, all the packages we offer are customizable to meet your satisfaction. We know everyone wants something different, so our job is to work with you to design a perfect trip to China according to your preferences. Our purpose is to provide a personalized tour to you.

I want to join a seat-in coach tour. Do you operate seat-in coach tours directly?

No. We do not operate Seat-in-Coach Tours directly. We act as a booking agent for specialized SIC operators. The Things Should Know about Seat-in-Coach (SIC) Tours 1. China Highlights does not operate Seat-in-Coach Tours. We act as a booking agent for specialized SIC operators. 2. We use these operators in good faith based on our experience and feedback on their service however we cannot guarantee the level of service or the attitude of the staff. 3. You should expect to be taken to at least 2 shops or factories and the guide may "encourage" you to buy. 4. Guides will not provide personalized attention to individual customers as they will on a private tour. 5. SIC Group Tour Pick up service: The coaches pick up customers at the appointed boarding hotel at the appointed time. You are advised to go to one of the boarding destinations if you are not check in those appointed hotels. Please reconfirm the boarding place and the time with the local agent or your travel advisor. Notification: The guide will contact guests the evening before the tour to confirm pick-up time. If guests are not in their room, the guide will leave a message. Please give us a reply if you receive the message. In Hong Kong, guests will receive a green badge and a pink invoice when booking the tour. This invoice must be shown to the guide and badge must be worn to take part in the tour. 6. Traveling Time: Half day tours usually start at 8:30 am or 1.30pm and last for about 4 hours, and a one day tour lasts about 8 hours from 8:30 to 4:30pm. The whole time includes the transfer service. Guest should be ready at the appointed time. 7. Shopping: Two shops are usually included in each one day tour. The guide will inform guests before the tour starts. 8. Other information: The operators usually try to have ten travelers in an air-conditioned coach. It is usual to have 6 to 16 people in a coach. The capacity of the coaches will vary depending on the number in the group.

What is a package tour?

A Tour Package is a China trip which has been constructed by China Highlights Travel and will include all the components to make your China visit an unforgettable experience as follows: *Domestic fares including airfares, rail or road as specified in the tour *Accommodation as specified *Meals as specified *Guide and driver *Taxes and fees as specified We do the organization so you just have to enjoy your trip. 1. Private China Tours Does your small group of family or friends (1-9 People) want privacy and freedom to change the schedule at short notice? Yes? Then work with our travel advisors to design an Independent China Package to suit your needs. 2. Organized Small Group Tours Our experience guarantees that you see the best and get the best at the best price by joining one of our Organized Small Group Tours. The quality doesn't change we guarantee it! Private China Tours are usually small groups consisting of 1-9 people (individuals, family or friends). Group members can enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in one vehicle by themselves. Choosing a PRIVATE TOUR will give much more flexibility with your itinerary and time. Your group will have an experienced private guide and driver at your disposal to ensure that you experience the best we have to offer. Groups of 1-3 guests will usually travel by air-conditioned car while groups of 4-9 will travel by air-conditioned van. Is your group 5 or larger? Check our price for a PRIVATE CHINA TOUR! You will be pleasantly surprised. Organized Small Group Tours can be divided into 2 categories: 1. Single City/Short Tours which are 2-5 day packages. 2. Multi-destinations China Packages which are packages of more than 5 days.

I want to eat authentic Chinese food on my trip. Do you use local restaurants?

"Discovery You Way" is our motto, and discovering Chinese food can be one of the great adventures and most pleasurable part of any China trip. Food is an extremely important part of Chinese culture with food and eating being the center of many aspects. We select local Chinese restaurants which are very popular among the local Chinese people and are fresh and authentic for private tours under 10 people. By moving from city to city during the tour, our guests can sample food which has local characteristics spicy, light, and more salty and so on. Eating with the locals means that you get great food but also experience the local lifestyle. Chinese people show their enjoyment during their meal, which meals it can also be very loud. Most restaurants do not have non smoking areas, so smoking while eating is very common. The rest rooms are usually Chinese style. The tour guide or travel advisor is always ready to help or make adjustments if some aspects become too much. Many tour operators use only tourist restaurants which are cheaper and save time on waiting as all meals are ordered in advance. Unfortunately the dishes are not quite Chinese and definitely not Western. Ever worse, most seem to use the same menu and inexplicitly are located next to shopping opportunities. On a rare occasion China Highlights has to use a tourist restaurant. This is done when a scenic spot is far away from the city or no suitable local restaurant is available. Please understand that this is only done when there is no other option. China Highlights includes a meal allowance of RMB80 per person per meal in big cities based on 2 persons’ group, like Beijing, Shanghai, and from RMB50-RMB80 in smaller cities. We believe this will provide a great Chinese meal that will give you the opportunity to try the local cuisine. We cover the cost of 1 glass of beer or soft drink. Customers are required to pay for additional drinks and if the budget is exceeded.

Why there is a price right next to all the meals that are included in the package?

One of China Highlights’ features is to let our customer order meals at the local restaurant they visit. We make an allowance for each meal based on the prices at each restaurant using and based on experience from previous customers. The allowance is usually is more than adequate however if customers want to order more, it’s no problem and can pay the extra above the budgeted amount at the time of the meal. No refund is available if the budget is not used. Your guide will try to help you to order and give advice about the cost if required.