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FAQ on On-board Facilities and services

Do any of the cabins have balconies over-viewing the river?

Most standard cabins on the ships have balconies. Please contact us when booking the ship for further information. You may also look on our ships page for detailed information about ship’s cabin information.

Is there free bottled drinking water supplied on board?

Yes, most of cruises offer free bottle water; normally 1 bottle for each passenger per day. However the ship conditions can, we suggest that you confirm with when booking the ship.

Is Internet access available onboard? Can we stay in touch with my family?

Internet services on most cruise ship can be unreliable. Only the President Prime has internet access in the cabins and this costs RMB80/hour. Other ships have internet cafes which can be used for a fee. The charge for different ships is listed below: Vitoria Cruises: RMB 150/per person for whole cruise and Victoria Prince sailing between Chongqing and Shanghai cost RMB 300/per person for whole cruise. New Century Cruises: RMB30/hour President Cruises: RMB100/ hour China Dragon: RMB60/hour CH Victoria, Yangtze 1, Blue Whale and Sunshine China: RMB60/hour Yangzi Explorer: RMB80/hour Yangtze Gold 1: RMB20/hour and RMB300/per person for whole cruise Rooms are not internet equipped. Other secretarial services including photocopying, simultaneous translating & typing, personal computers, fax capabilities may be available for a fee. China Highlights now provides a cheap and fast Wi-Fi package so that you can connect to the internet anytime and anywhere in China.

Are there laundry services on board?

Yes, laundry service is available including washing and pressing but no dry cleaning on board.

What about passengers with special needs? Are physically challenged facilities available onboard?

If you have special medical, physical or other relevant needs such as wheelchair characteristics, you must inform your travel advisor in writing at the time of booking to know if they can provide appropriate assistance or not. Over the years, cruise lines have aimed to improve their facilities so that travelers who are wheelchair-bound or otherwise physically challenged can enjoy a cruise as fully as possible. Handicapped staterooms on ships for special needs are often  "converted" ones from regular-sized cabins for the physically challenged. On some ships, narrow corridors, lips on the doorways, steps in public area are unavoidable. Ships cruising along the Yangtze River may inevitably docks in some of the rural area like small towns or villages, where elevator and cable cars are not always available. Wheelchair access may be limited and even impossible, so we recommend that passengers with special needs travel with a companion who can provide required assistance. Before booking your cruise, ask your travel advisor to check the accessibility of the ship's public areas and cabin amenities.

Are there medical services onboard?

Professional medical services are available on almost all cruise ships and every ship has a doctor on call and two registered nurses in attendance.

Do any of the cabins have windows to look out over the river?

Yes, all cabins on the cruise ships have windows that look out over the water so that passengers can enjoy the outside scenery.

I have problems with long time walking. How can I take the shore excursion?

Many shore excursions require walking and many steps. Sedan chairs are provided for an extra charge at some of excursion sites. However the sedan chairs may not be available every day.

Do I have to participate in the cruise line's organized activities?

The organized activities include shore excursions and activities on board. On a cruise, the choice is yours. You may do what you want. You can do it all or just relax on the deck.

Are there any safes on the ship?

Yes, there is the mini-safe in the stateroom closet on most of the ships. If the mini-safe in the stateroom is not available, please consult inquiry office on the ship.

Is the water onboard safe to drink?

We do not recommend the tap water on ship for drinking, although it has been purified and sterilized. Distilled water for drinking is placed in the cabin daily. Bottled mineral water is available on sale on all the ships.

How big are the cabins?

The standard cabins are from 8 to 16 sq.meter not including bathroom. Most cabins measure 10- 12 sq. meter. Some rooms have 2 sq. meter private balconies. Splendid China has the largest cabin size: 22 sq. meter. Then East king and East Queen take the second place by 14 sq. meter. Extra beds are not allowed in smaller cabins but it may be possible to do so in larger cabins. Suites usually double the size of the standard cabin at 30-40 sq. meter. They usually have a king or queen size bed or one double bed, bathtubs, and more furnishings. Interior decoration will be better.

Are special food items, medical requirements available?

Most ships can provide salt-free, low-carbohydrate, Kosher or other dietary preferences. Requests for special dietary should be made clear during the booking process.