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FAQ on Preparing for Your Cruise

How shall I dress on the ship and how many formal nights are there on my sailing?

No special formal dress is required on the ship. Be sure to take clothes that are suitable for the shore excursions or to enjoy scenery from the ship deck. Clothes to protect you from the hot sun in summer and strong wind in winter are essential. Usually most ships will have two formal nights, the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner and the Captain's Farewell Dinner. The ship suggest that appropriate dress is:men coat and tie, and ladies a dress or pantsuit, but the decision is yours to make based on your baggage restrictions.

Why is the Cruise Ship moored so far down the pier?

The cruise ship could be moored some distance down the pier. The distance varies depending on the water level but it is usually about 250 yards. There may be many baggage porters offering to carry your baggage for a fee. Do not be concerned your guide will arrange for porters to carry your luggage. China Highlights has arranged this service and no payment is required.

Do we need tickets or any vouchers to board the Yangtze Cruise ship?

You do not need any tickets or vouchers. The check in procedure is as the same as that in a hotel. You just need to tell your name and show your passport.

Are there any limits for luggage?

There are no rules for the number of the pieces or weight of personal luggage on your cruise ship however closet space is limited. There is a luggage rack in every room and a luggage deposit service is available. If you are a member of a travel group, your luggage will be sent to the ship in time for your check in. The luggage will be sent to your cabin by the bellboy when your cabin is assigned. The bellboy will help you however the ship usually charges $1 per piece, arrival or departure. Please note this is not tip and you have to pay upfront for this service. If you want to tip the bellboy do it when the job is finished.

Can I bring my pets with me?

Traveling in China with your pets is not allowed.

Cruise Terms and Conditions

Yangtze River Cruise operators reserve the right to cancel a scheduled sailing if they do not receive enough bookings for the sailing. This situation is more likely to occur during July and August but can also occur in September and October. The cancellations can occur even though they have previously confirmed the reservation made by China Highlights for our customers. Cancellation of a sailing usually occurs 15-30 days before the scheduled date but can be as little as 7 days before the sailing. In the event that a cruise is cancelled we will do everything possible to rebook immediately on another ship, so that inconvenience is minimized. It is possible that an additional expense may be applicable if the available ship is more expensive than that of the original booking. Please be assured that these events are beyond our control but we are here to serve you and will do all in our power to make your trip as smooth as possible.