Daline's Feedback on 13-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Ask Daline about her experience Age: 15-30 Nationality: Lebanon
Tour Date: July 22, 2008 - August 3, 2008  
FeedBack Date: August 19, 2008
Dear China highlights Team,
Ni hao I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company China highlights, to thank our advisor tours Angela and Candy and to thank our tour guides Vicky “Xu Yan”, Vivaldi “Mr.Gu Jia Zhou” “,Claire “Wei Mei Ping” and Eric “Yang Fan” for the Wonderful trip tour you have provided to us, my mother and to myself during our first visit to China! You were so helpful and we enjoyed everything you planned for us to see and do during our stay in China and most of all we have enjoyed the tour guides company. We have learnt a lot from you about China and I am happy getting back to my country speaking some Chinese wording with my colleagues ,friends and Family!!! It was a lovely trip and I really look forward to plan other tours with China highlights in the future to see the other highlights from China ! 
Again, thank you ”XieXie” for everything and please don't hesitate to use me as a reference if I can be of any help. With best wishes Yours sincerely,
Daline Youssef
NB: Please pass on our thanks to all the team and co-operative helpers ob behalf of my mother and myself.
Dear Angela,
The most memorable attraction visited by us was the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was really a very interesting place to go there to know more about China History. Once we got back to our country, we went to watch the movie “The last Emperor” as recommended by our tour guide VickyXu Yan and we felt being there again me and my mother!!! What a wonderful place! We liked as well so much the Great wall tour which is one the most important Seven Wonders of the World that we have almost dreamt to see much more we were very surprised by the way that it was built at the emperor days!! And the Shangri la/Li river cruise tour in Guilin which was very touching by its panoramic views and wide landscapes and mountains.All the tour guides provided during our itinerary tour with Chinahighlights are great. Each guide tour was different by his character/attitude same as Variety of cities visited in China. We have discovered and learnt a lot about China from them. We were touched by the smiley face of “Xu Yan”which accompanied us during our journey in Beijing, by the sense of humor and the fun of “Mr.Gu Jia Zhou” in Shanghai, by the attention to the historical details of “Yang Fan” in Xian and by the sweetness and kindness of The Osmanthus flower of Guilin “Wei Mei Ping”. We would like to recommend Pacific Luck Hotel in Shanghai and YMCA Hotel in Hong Kong for which their service and meals provided was very good and up to the standards. I will definitely recommend you as a Tour guide company to my friends, my colleagues, my family and to everyone who would like to go and visit and discover China!I would suggest not to miss the Tang Dynasty show in Xian, the Acrobatic show in Shanghai at Circus world and the Impression Liu Sanjie in Guilin. They are amazing! And if someone want to have fun and good time with friends and family, the best place to go is to Hong Kong to Ocean Park and Disney Land of Hong Kong!