Albertus's Feedback on 13-Day China Tour

Helen, our final guide impressed us with her knowledge of South Africa, she most definitely took time to read about our country which we really appreciated.
Client: (Male) Ask Albertus about his experience Age: 60-75 Nationality: South Africa
Tour Date: June 8, 2012 - June 20, 2012  
FeedBack Date: May 30, 2012

Dear Carol,

As you know my husband and I were part of the group, together with AP Barnard and Daleen Barnard, for whom you made arrangements to visit Xi’an, Shanghai as well as a river boat cruise up the Yantse River. Your South African Group.

First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank you for the precision with which our arrangements were made and executed. We did not have to wait for your guide or driver at any time. They were there as arranged to provide whichever service was needed.

Furthermore I would like to attest to the friendliness of everybody involved in our rather complicated arrangements, i.e.

The driver and Charlie who picked us up at the hotel in Beijing and transported us to the train station. He accompanied us to our waiting room after have confirmed the bookings, the coach number, in fact we got all the details needed for our trip. The driver was professional, but because he did not speak English our conversation was mainly with Charlie;

No-No, our guide and companion in Xi’an. Once again it was delightful to meet her and she really went out of her way to please us, she was prepared to adapt our schedule according to our wishes and answered our numerous questions willingly. Sera, our guide in Shanghai, once again a delightful person. She also changed our schedule according to our wishes and even worked in a spectacular acrobatic show. She accompanied us to our seats in the theatre and arranged that the driver collect us at our seats to take us back to the hotel. Always with a smile.

Charlie, our guide who accompanied us to the starting point of the river boat cruise. Once again a delight, full of knowledge and eager to communicate with us, make jokes, he even invited us to his house should we be too late for the boat departure!

Helen, our final guide impressed us with her knowledge of South Africa, she most definitely took time to read about our country which we really appreciated.

If I do not mention the drivers it is because in every instance they could not speak English and therefore we could not communicate.

Carol, I will definitely recommend you to everyone that wants to visit China, and if ever we decide to revisit your beautiful and very interesting country, we will definitely contact you first.

Once again, than you very much.

Danie and Elsabé Schoeman

Mr Steven Zhao,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank China Highlights, and then especially Carol Wang for their excellent service. As indicated previously, I (we ) have never experienced such a high quality of service and is very impressed by Carol Wang and her abilities and prompt service. We will certainly advise every one we know (or tell about our‘China-experience’) about the excellent service we received from Carol.

Thanks again,

Bertus Barnard

Daleen Barnard

Elsabé Schoeman

Danie Schoeman