Thomas's Feedback on 5-Day China Tour

I have to repeat myself - he did a great job! Right amount of information, great organisation, perfect english, always finding a way not to walk with the big crowd etc.and all the little extra things he did for us!
Client: Ask Thomas about her/his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: Germany
Tour Date: March 30, 2013 - April 3, 2013  
FeedBack Date: April 8, 2013

Dear Carol,

After 2 days back, and a little time to relax - time to give you a more detailed feedback in addition to the surveys we filled. Over all: we had a real good time!

Transportation: Nothing to complain! Good drivers, cars large enough, always punctual and helpful. And most important drivers always kept calm, even when the baby was crying

maybe (i know it is seldom in China) a seat for baby would help.

Flight: no problems here. time was well chosen to make best out of the day

Hotels: also a good choice. Hotel in Xi'an was little dirty in the 'corners', but both had perfect location in the cities and had good breakfast.

Lunch: all 5 restaurant where really good! food tasted great and nothing to complain there

we especially enjoyed on day 4 and 5 the one close to Great Wall and the one in Hutong with sitting outside


Day 1:

Museum in Xi'an: very interesting and definitely worth to see

City Wall: Impressive! We skipped the bicycle Tour on our own wish, because there where no seats for babys and we did not want to split into two groups.

Crystal (our guide) offered to stay with mother and baby, while we two men do to bicycle tour.

Day 2:

Wild Goose Pagoda: interesting place with a very peaceful atmosphere

Jade Shop: a real good one, we got a nice introduction into working with Jade and then time to look around.

always informed, but never felt forced or urged to buy stuff. We stayed much longer there as we expected and also bought several things.


Terracotta Armee: that was my personal 'WOW' on the tour! for sure a must see in China!

But we had to convince Crystal also to see the two charriots from the emperor tomb. She 'only' wanted to show us the 3 pits with the soldiers.

We all think that seeing the charriots should be a 'must' part of the tour, because they are also impressive and a masterpiece of craftmansship.

After spending more time in the Shop and at Warriors-Museum we decided to skip the Muslim-quarter, because it was already too late for the baby.

Day 3: Here we had to change our plans, because Forbidden City is closed on Monday afternoon

Summer Palace: great place (and we had good luck with weather), but the planned tour here is too short and too less!

We nearly forced Amy (our guide for that day) to buy additional tickets to go up the little mountain for the temple.

But not only the temple itself, but also the view on the area from there is more than worth the time and the additional 10rmb/person!

Again, we think that should be a 'must be' part of the tour.

With more time maybe also a cruise on the lake would be nice.

Hutong area: That was a strange trip.... Amy could not really explain what we do there.

Suddenly another man showed up and Amy (and so did we...) followed him into narrow streets and into a private house.

After that we did the riksha tour, but again no explaination from Amy - i forced here to join, so at least she could tell some information during the ride!

It would have been nice and interesting, but without a word from Amy we felt very strange and sometimes even unsecure.

Day 4:

Shop: That was a little boring... the tour how the Cloisonne is done was very short and rough. And inside the shop was nothing interesting, so we left after short time

Great Wall: Just perfect! Mutanyu was a good choice - nice to see, but not over crowded.

Jackie (our new guide) made a wonderful tour!

After coming back to Beijing Jackie organized tickets for the Shaoling Show and guided us over the night market, because we liked to see and taste some 'strange' food.

And finally he made a perfect proposal for a Beijing Duck restaurant, so we had great dinner that day.

Day 5:

Forbidden City: Again a wonderful day! Jackie managed to show us the Palace without following the big crowd.

So we used more a sideway on the East side, but still seen all main-buildings and got a great impression of Forbidden City Tempel of Heaven: also very nice and impressive!

as discussed with Jackie we arrived there early and spend time for a extented break in the afternoon there

it was a very good and calm end of the tour and perfect to give the baby some time to play before getting into the plane again.

But now the most important: Our Guides!

Crystal (Xi'an): She is a walking history book and gave us a lot of information and facts - sometimes even too much.

First day she was a little too quick and did not really know how to handle it with a small child, but she learned and adopted quickly!

Second day she planned everything a little bit more slow and with time for the kid to run around and play - and that was exactly right.

She also gave us all information like 'where do we go', 'how long do we drive', 'when will we be back' and so on..

Jackie: I have to repeat myself - he did a great job!

Right amount of information, great organisation, perfect english, always finding a way not to walk with the big crowd etc. and all the little extra things he did for us!

having a beer in top of great Wall

getting tickets for Shaolin Show

showing the Night Market

leading us to a great Restaurant in the evening

teaching us Chinese, translating our names

so we just felt comfortable and safe with him! He did take care of the little kid, always ready to take some time more, or to make a break.

You could use him as a trainer for other guides!

So much from our side :)

Thanks again for organizing everything and especially for quick and easy change of guide in Beijing!

for more details, do not hesitate to ask!