Karen's Feedback on 9-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Age: 45-60 Nationality: Hong Kong
Tour Date: October 18, 2009 - October 26, 2009  
FeedBack Date: November 6, 2009

Dear Delia,

Thank you for your email.  More so thank you for your telephone call through Peter when we were touring in Chongqing.  We are very impressed with your diligence and care for your guests.  Most kind of you!

How can we expressed ourselves!  The trip had been so wonderful which is beyond our expectation.  The scenery is spectacular, the service of Victoria Cruise wonderful, and the arrangements of China Highlights excellent.

We had been to China a couple of times, mainly the cities, but this trip is the best.  We will definitely use China Hightlights again for other trips.  The Silk Road, the Nine Village Gorge and the Yunam Province are our next top destinations.  We had been to Guilin but I still like to go back ...

To answer the questions in the evaluation:

1.  The most memorable attraction is definitely the 3 Gorges, the Wu Gorge being the topest most.

2.  For the tour guide, we like Arron on the Victoria Prince best.  His English is very good.  He is very informative, and very humorous too.

3.  As for the ship, the room is very comfortable and the food excellent.  The variety of food is amazing, and there are always plenty to eat.  The only minor thing is that there are a lot of deep fry.  Can do with slightly less for health reason.

4.  The Yellow Mountain, the 3 Gorges and the 5 ship locks are all WOW.

5.  Will definitely recommend China Highlights to friends and families.

6.  The Yellow Mountain, the 3 Gorges and the 5 ship locks are not to be missed.  The Victoria Cruise is a very good company knowing how to run the business.  The shows in the evening are very professional and entertaining.  The smiling faces of all the staff on board (and off board when seeing us off for excursion and welcoming us back) are so welcoming ......

You can keep us on your mailing list.  In fact, I will revert to you next time when we plan our next China trip.