Subrat's Feedback on 8-Day China Tour

the location of the hotel, Sun world Hotel, is great, I would not change it for another location, particularly because the evening stroll along the Wangfujing is SO much fun.
Client: Ask Subrat about her/his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: Nepal
Tour Date: July 30, 2011 - August 6, 2011  
FeedBack Date: November 16, 2011

Hi Nancy,

Regarding our tour to Beijing-Guilin-Yanggshuo, here are my comments:

Beijing: We spent four nights in Beijing and I we were not rushed – I would not recommend any fewer days.

the location of the hotel, Sun world Hotel, is great, I would not change it for another location, particularly because the evening stroll along the Wangfujing  is SO much fun. I would recommend to book the Beijing Duck restaurant in advance, as this is soooo booked. We had to settle for a inferior version behind the clock tower,

The Mutianyu Great Wall was the highlight of our trip, just LOVED this trip. I realized, there are two ropeway companies in a stretch of a few km or so. I would recommend, you purchase one way ticket from a ropeway company that takes you to the higher elevation of the wall, and walk down hill all the way to the second cable car/toboggan station. From here, one could either take the ropeway down, or in our case, we took the toboggan. I recommend the toboggan, although this kind-a looks scary, however, it is totally safe and more fun. The visit to Shahe Cloisonne Factory was educational. I ordered a trout fish at  Xin Shuang Quan Restaurant for lunch and it came just fine.

I liked the tour of Tiananmen square & The Forbidden city. The Hutong Tour was an experience, albeit a wee bit tacky/touristy. Merryling Restaurant  does not impress you when you first enter this noisy/busy place, however, the food is great – no wonder the locals patronize it ! I did not do the Li Hen Tang pearl store, as this was not my idea of shopping.

Summer place, Garden of Virtue and Harmony, and the Lama Temple was all great fund. I could not stop reminding your guides in China that Buddha was born in Nepal and not India as they have learned in their school curriculum.( Nancy, we need to run a campaign in China with your Tour Operators Association to correct this fact, seriously !!)

Guilin: we flew here from Beijing, 3 hours flight.

our x-army guide here was the most talkative and fluent in English among all the guides in China. Amusing and good natured, too. One more time, the hotel you choose for us, Guilin Bravo is superb. We walked along the lake/s in the evening and ate food from several restaurants rated higher in the Trip advisor listing and they did not disappoint us. The night market did not impress us much, perhaps, this is not to our taste.

Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave , Seven Star Park, Fubo Hill – all were fun. We spent one full day in Guiling and I guess this would suffice for this small town – you could pretty much cover the place in a day.

We took the cruise along the Li river to Yangshuo – and this was a superb trip. This trip connected me to my romantic imagination of China, a mystical place with an amazing limestone karst landscapes !!  Evening stroll along the bustling West Street and dining in one of the numerous restaurants was a highlight of our trip. I wish I had participated in cormorants fishing with the local fishermen at night !! I just miss this experience till this day . I was happy with the Green Lotus Hotel – it was comfy and a walking distance from the West Street ( Xi Jie).

In the process of writing this review, my heart is full of warmth and I wish I fly to China for our next family holiday !!