Marek's Feedback on 14-Day China Tour

Client: (Male) Ask Marek about his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: Poland
Tour Date: August 21, 2006 - September 3, 2006  
FeedBack Date: September 24, 2006
Marek Kowalkiewicz's Answer to Our Post-tour Survey: 1. Overall, did you enjoy your trip? Yes. Very much. It was fascinating to be able to learn so many aspects of Chinese culture, architecture, nature, and daily life. 2. Were the tour arrangements satisfactory? Yes. I am happy that the travel plan was very dense, yet not too tiring. I am also happy with the speed and quality of responses to unplanned situation (our boat arrived late and CHT was very quick to rearrange our travel, including plane tickets). 3. Was the tour what you expected, and if not, how did it differ from your expectations? I did not expect that the trip will be so beautiful. 4. What was the best thing about your tour? Great, very friendly tour guides (esp. Natasha from Guilin!), beutiful nature, sceneries. 5. Is there anything else that we should have done, before or during your tour? No, I think everything was just ok. 6. How would you describe your trip to China and the overall experience in a few sentences? Amazing experience, unexpected adventures. We were very happy to be able to experience something that before our trip to China was only known to us from books, pictures, and stories from others. We were also happy, that we did not see China from a luxury limousine, but were able to experience everything by ourselves. I think right now, after spending a lot of time in China (2 weeks of the trip plus more than 2 months living in Beijing) we truly learnt a lot.