Evangelia's Feedback on 8-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Age: 30-45 Nationality: Greece
Tour Date: August 14, 2008 - August 21, 2008  
FeedBack Date: September 8, 2008
Dear Elaine
Sorry for being a little bit late in replying this, but it's only a week I returned to Greece and home and many things were waiting here after being absent for a whole month. I had a great time in China and the tour was very good. Everything was very well organized and I am very satisfied with services and everything. Especially my Beijing tour was exceptional. I think I will rate main attractions as follows: a. Forbidden City b. Great Wall of China c. Terracota Warriors d. Temple of Heaven My tour guide in Beijing. He was very experienced and knowledgeable, very pleasant and polite, flexible and thoughtful, overall excellent. Tour guides in Xi'an and Shanghai were also very good but it was my Beijing guide who was really impressive. Yes everything was very good. Favorable hotel was the Radisson in Shanghai Best meals I would say Shanghai and Beijing (the first day in both cities). Sorry I don't remember the names of the restaurants. Traveling in China is a great experience. It is a completely different world there from the rest of the world. I travel a lot, visited almost every country in Europe and many places in the United States. So China was something very different from what I have seen up to now in my life. It was worth it and I would love to get back there and see more, because only once is not enough. I have to work on this and I am very busy at the moment. As soon as I have my photos sorted out maybe I can send you a few or add them myself China Highlights community page. I think that was it for the moment. At this point I would like also to clarify something concerning my tour in Beijing. I guess that it is clear enough from my answers in the evaluation form above, that I was very satisfied with everything there. I understand that there was some kind of misunderstanding related to the evaluation form I completed before leaving Beijing and I don't want any doubts to be left upon this. My trip in Beijing was really excellent. Elaine, I would like also to thank you personally for organizing my tour, taking care of everything nicely. Bye for now. I hope I will talk to you again in the future.
Best regards Evangelia