Tracy's Feedback on 5-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Ask Tracy about her experience Age: Unknown Nationality: United States
Tour Date: November 8, 2005 - November 12, 2005  
FeedBack Date: November 16, 2005
Dear Mr. Morgen, I hope this email finds you well.I just completed the Service Evaluation Form you sent me and have submitted it, but words cannot express how pleased I am with this whole experience. I want to thank you for your time and your attention and patience with my questions and additions and subtractions to our itinerary throughout the past few months. I appreciate your quick responses, your attention to detail, and all of your explanations. I was very happy with our tour guide and our driver. I give our driver a lot of credit - I am from the New York area and I thought driving in New York was a challenge, but he was truly impressive in the Beijing traffic, always waiting for us when we were through with our stops on the tour, and very friendly and courteous. He made us feel safe. I was asked about this in the Service Evaluation Form you sent and also the one I filled out and gave to our tour guide on the last day, but I cannot stress enough how wonderful we thought Betty, our tour guide, was. She made us feel so welcomed and so comfortable in a place very, very far from home. Sometimes it is intimidating to visit a country for the first time, especially when you are unfamiliar with the language, but from the moment I stepped off the plane and saw her waiting for us with a big smile on her face, I was so relaxed and at ease and knew I would be able to enjoy this whole trip and that everything would be taken care of. She was kind, warm, friendly, had a great sense of humor and was able to explain everything to us so that we could appreciate the magnificence of it all. I loved that she was so flexible. One day on our way to the Ming Tomb, I asked her what her favorite thing was to show visitors. She told me about the Cloisonne factory, and before I had a chance to blink, we, too, were visiting it and experiencing it for ourselves. I was in awe of the intricate and delicate work that goes into making this pottery, of the patience of the women who were doing this work. It was such a pleasant surprise. We purchased a vase and some Christmas ornaments that will remind us of our first trip to China every time we glance their way. Betty was fantastic. She was such a big part in making this trip so special, and I cannot say enough good things about her or this whole experience. It was simply magical. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to working with you again some time in the future. Best wishes and many, many thanks, Tracy Neilson