Beverly's Feedback on 12-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Ask Beverly about her experience Age: 45-60 Nationality: Kuwait
Tour Date: September 26, 2008 - October 7, 2008  
FeedBack Date: October 15, 2008

Hello Sunny,
I hope you are well, too. We are doing fine; we loved our trip to China.We really liked most of the places we visited. Certainly the Wall is really impressive, and the Forbidden City. We also liked the Lama Temple, which we visited during our free time in Beijing. And of course the Warriors are stunning. Most outstanding tour guide? All were very good. Hotels and meals? All were fine. We liked the Day's Inn Forbidden City the best. New Henderson Hotel had poor service, not customer friendly, especially the food and beverage manager. Exceptionally good food! We felt a bit pressured, but only a bit, to see shows in which we had no interest, especially in Xian. Your company and all its representatives were very, very helpful and kind during Jan's illness and hospitalization. Thanks to all of you; you really made a huge difference.
Thank you very much for all your help, Sunny! Beverly Diane Kirk