Cornell's Feedback on 13-Day China Tour

Nora, we just completed the first part of our tour with Sugengrui, who has been an excellent guide and tour coordinator.
Client: Ask Cornell about her/his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: United States
Tour Date: April 14, 2013 - April 26, 2013  
FeedBack Date: April 19, 2013

Nora, we just completed the first part of our tour with Sugengrui, who has been an excellent guide and tour coordinator.

We requested a change in the tour to allow more time for sight seeing. We did not want to go to the cloissinae factory since I have been before and my travel companions wanted to see the local area and visit the silk market. Sugengrui was an excellent companion and interpreter. mr Su was an excellent driver.

We enjoyed taking pictures with the China Highlights sign and will proudly recommed this tour to our friends all over the United States and the world!

We are looking forward to the next part of our tour in Xian!

Xie xie.

Another super tour day with Wang Hong Yu. You have great personnel with most impressive knowledge. Looking forward to meeting you!

Nora, I just sent a note and picture to let you know how much we are enjoying all of your guides & colleagues. I will need to think about ways to encourage more US travelers to consider China Highlights!

Nora, First, let me congratulate you on the birth of your new baby! te have all returned to the USA and are still talking about our wonderful tour experience with China Highlights. My wife and I are experienced world travelers who usually travel on our own since tours tend to be rushed, targeted toward "friendship store" shopping venues, and including too many sites in one day! Our experience with China Highlights was the extreme opposite! Hopefully, our emails during the tour clearly expressed how much we enjoyed the China Highlights tour package, your excellent tour team and the professional care they each took to ensure our enjoyment and appreciation of your marvelous country!

Each of your tour leaders and drivers made us feel like we were traveling with a local family member. They provided us with maps, water and their personal mobile numbers. In each new city we found ourselves still extolling the fun had with the previous city's guide.

Suegengrui (Linda Su) set the pace in Beijing with her tour of Tianemen Square, The Forbidden City, the Heavenly Palace, the Summer Palace and The Great Wall in Matinayu. She joined us on a shopping venture at the xiushui silk market. The Hudong tour allowed us to fall in love with Tina who guided us through the old town and visit with Ms. Hon, a resident.

Jason Yu was a wealth of knowledge regarding China history and the Terracotta Warriors site. The temple visits and walk along the wall in Xian were highlights. But a surprisingly enjoyable excursion was the visit to the cultual arts center where we learned about (and got to practice) calligraphy. This was a great preparation for our next visit to Guillin where we met Lili Hong, who Took us to the terraced highlands, a tour of a village community and then traveled with us down the Li River. Upon our insistence, she graciously joined us for dinner in Yangshou. She is now known as our "super Lily" able to climb mountains and navigate the busily crowded Foreigner's/West street.

Last but not least, Helen Wang introduced us to Shanghai and its past, present and evergrowing future. The Pearl tower is astounding. The Ajuuan garden in old town is a cultural icon for this great city and an absolute tourist must see!!

I am sure the Slades can provide additional feedback. But as for Sherada and I, please know that China Highlights is a company and tour we will recommend to all of our friends around the world. Some photos are attached for you to enjoy and use in any of your marketing materials, if desired. Feel free to contact me directly if you need additional information or assistance in marketing your tours in the United States. Other than that, xie xie and best regards.


As Toby stated, I also congratulate you on the birth of your child. Additionally, Guelda and I also agree with Toby regarding the Trip. The Tour as well as the guides were outstanding. We will be certain to recommend China Highlights to all of our friends.


Guelda and Cornell Slade

Nora, congratulations on your new baby and your return to work at Chia Highlights ! Sherada and I are still telling friends and travel contacts about our wonderful tour And spectacular guides in Bejing, Xian. Shanghai and of course our "super Lily" in Guillin& Yangshou.

I hope you will feel free to use our comments and pictures in your marketing materials, if desired. In the meantime please know how much we appreciated your company and team. Hopefully we will return to see more of your great country in the near future.

Best Regards & si jen.

Tobias & Sherada