ASIMENIA's Feedback on 17-Day China Tour

I hope you are well.I want to thank you for the very well done organiced excurcion in minorities.Lala was very helpful guide.
Client: Ask ASIMENIA about her/his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: Greece
Tour Date: May 16, 2013 - June 1, 2013  
FeedBack Date: June 9, 2013

Dear Candy hi

I hope you are well.

I want to thank you for the very well done organiced excurcion in minorities.

Lala was very helpful guide.

As about the hotel in Sanjiang I know that you wanted the best for me that's why you choose it.

We had a adventour with the bus to Yangshuo.

I buy the tickets as you had written in Chinesse but the employee in the bus send us ia a town 2 hours north of Guilin.

I don't remember the name of the city but I spend a lot of hour to find someone to understand a few English.

So we return back and take the bus to Yangshuo.

My friends said to me that you are very pleasant and polite girl

I wish you the best in your life

Best regards


Candy I forget to thank you in my previous email for the help in Guilin airport and to stay in VIP room.

We didn't expect something like this it was so nice of you, thank you very much.

Best regards


Dear sir

I read the best for your travel office and I decided to make a excurcion to the minorities in Longji.

Miss Candy Wei regain my tour and the hotels in the cities.

Our cooperation was perfect, her replies was quick and analytic she gave me a lot of informations about the areas

I want to congratulate you for the excellent choice you have done to choose so conscientiou, helpful and polite employee

Best regards