Steven's Feedback on 8-Day China Tour

Client: (Male) Ask Steven about his experience Age: 30-45 Nationality: United States
Tour Date: November 15, 2007 - November 22, 2007  
FeedBack Date: December 17, 2007

Dear Candy,

Please see my answers below. I had a fun trip

The most memorable attraction:  I had to do the Yangtze river cruise and the great wall. And they were great. However I would have loved to stay the entire day around the summer palace.

Tour guide:  I had 3 people total, two of which picked me up primarily to take me to the airport. So Emily would have to be the most outstanding. However everyone seemed knowledgeable.

Hotel and meals: The restaurants in Beijing were all good. I know China highlights have contracts with all scheduled stops. Even though the owner may have changed hands since their initial evaluation all were good.

Comments: Summer Palace, more time! Please consider giving the guides either business cards or name badges with the 'china highlights' logo. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable however I was by myself and did not know these people. I trust them because they knew I was coming but there is no true identification. If I were with a group I would feel more secure.

Best Regards,