Sydney's Feedback on 19-Day China Tour

This is my second trip to China with China Highlights. They are the best tour company that you can ever imagine. They are flexible, affordable.
Client: (Male) Ask Sydney about his experience Age: 45-60 Nationality: Canada
Tour Date: March 24, 2010 - April 11, 2010  
FeedBack Date: April 1, 2010


My name is Sydney Ferrario, I am from Indiana in United States. This is my second trip to China with China Highlights. They are the best tour company that you can ever imagine. They are flexible, affordable. And Candy, our travel advisor is the best. We love the food here, we love the people here and I can’t even imagine any place better to travel than China.




Some of the reasons for choosing China HIghlights. The first trip I took was with my 74 year old Mother I am 45. When planning the first trip I looked at a lot of different companies and asked lots of questions. China HIghlights was only company that responded quickly and then was able to talk with them via 800 number. Their communication was very good.On both trips we were able to pick and chose what we wanted to do with suggestions from China HIghlights. We did our own tour so we had a guide and driver just for only of us, which was fantastic, especially since we don't want to do alot of the typical 'touristy' stuff.They took us to local markets (it may turn you into a vegetarian), we chose the food at restaurants, and it was altogether a self-directed trip.

China Highlights web site is so full of great info and through the web site you can access reviews on hotels, sites to visit and food. We were able to ask for cooking classes which were a ton of fun . The restaurants they picked for us to eat in were local and good. This is a video clip that we are in on the Li river

We had so much fun on this cruise, it was great. We did this trip on the second visit too, with our group of 13 people ranging from age 10 to age 78.  All were well taken care of. We always felt safe, the guides always had water for you, an English map and mostly the guides were very flexible.  We tended to change the itinerary periodically and they did accommodate us.  Several of our guides were in school and so spoke excellent English. If you would like to give me a call please feel free.

Tour highlights we liked were:li river cruise, yongshu bike riding and lunch on the river, little bamboo boat trip, the great wall of course, the nighttime light show in yungshu, terra cotta warriors, pandas, a crazy giant flea market in Beijing, the wang fu night market for all the weird food.giant Buddah at Le shan, the canal boat trip in Souhou (Venice of china)---sorry about the spelling of Chinese towns.It's all on the website.We did like China Highlights and would use them again when we go back.Make sure you ask for Candy to set everything up.She has excellent english and will really bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.

Have fun!