Elizabeth's Feedback on 16-Day China Tour

Aloha from Hawaii. We just want to say we have been working Ruby and China Highlights for at least 2 years. They have been very patient and they answered all of our questions. The tour guides have been fantastic. The drivers have got us reward. Thank you.
Client: Age: Unknown Nationality: United States
Tour Date: October 20, 2012 - November 4, 2012  
FeedBack Date: November 1, 2012

Hi we're from California Hawaii. I was a travel agent for 12 years and I have to say that China Highlights far exceeds anything that we have delt with US Company. Highly recommended and we really appreciate what they did.

Hi we're from California. We really enjoy our experience here in China. It is a trip of lifetime and it was because China Highlights arranged it for us. We highly recommend Ruby Zhao. She did a fantastic job for us. We're from Hawaii. 'aloha' China Highlights and Ruby did a fantastic job, thought of every detail along the way. It has been terrific.

Aloha from Hawaii. We just want to say we have been working Ruby and China Highlights for at least 2 years. They have been very patient and they answered all of our questions. The tour guides have been fantastic. The drivers have got us reward. Thank you.

I'm Donald. This is from California. This is a wonderful wonderful trip, lot of memories, lot of pictures and they're well organized from beginning to end. Everyday we have everything planed. There is no problem so far with areas the best.

Hi, I'm Rachelle and I'm from California. The trip was delayed a little bit from May to October, but it was well worth the way and thank you Ruby for working with these we have changed. It's a great time and very memorable. Thank you.

One last thing, They were very accommodating for different changes that we needed during the trip too, organize things as a small group. They just do everything we wanted and accommodating our situation. Thank you, China Highlights.

Hi Ruby,

We have been home for almost 2 weeks now telling our stories about our trip to China and Hong Kong. Thank you, again, for all the arrangements and assistance; it was especially nice to meet you in person. Congratulations to you and China Highlights for the top quality tour guides you provided for us.

Adrian in Beijing was very knowledgeable and patient and gave us excellent historical and background information for his city and the others we visited.

Rainy in Xian was very thorough and accommodating, especially with reordering our itinerary because Gary got sick. She was right that we wanted to buy jade Pixus and our names in Chinese calligraphy characters!

Nora in Shanghai was very personable and fun sharing the history of her city. Her professionalism handling William's passport confusion and the extra weight of our baggage was appreciated by all of us. She arranged with our driver to transport us on our free day and kept in contact with us to be sure we were safe and enjoying ourselves.

LeLe in Quilin was a character and very proud of his heritage. He explained the differences between his region and the other places we had been. I'm sorry there was confusion with his delivering our additional tip to you for Adrian in Beijing, but thank you for getting it to Adrian.

Eric, in Hong Kong, was fast and furious! He wanted us to see as much as possible in our half day with him, which we did. The only thing I would change is that tour. It would be more enjoyable if it were a full day with a lunch and a return to our hotel. Using the ferry to/from Hong Kong Island is lots of fun and should be included in the tour, in my opinion.

As William said, this was a trip of a lifetime, one where we gained an understanding of China. I know I am happy I had this experience, and I thank you and all the guides for sharing your country with us.

Wishing you the best and a very happy wedding,


Hello Ruby, I also wish to respond to your request on information on how our trip went.

For me, the most memorable attraction was The Great Wall, and the Terra Cotta Imperial Soldiers. What amazed me about these attractions is going back into time and witness history and the people/culture creating such landmarks.

All China Highlight guides were great and is difficult to choose just one. Adrian in Bejing, Rainy in Xian, Nora in Shanghai, Lele in Guilin, and Erik in Hong Kong, all had different personalities and all were professional. I was impressed with the services they each provided, especially meeting us at the airport, and upon our departure, taking us to the airport, and assisting us with checking in our luggage, our flight tickets, and seeing us to our gate. They all knew their history and showed great enthusiasm describing the landmarks.

Nora was great in Shanghai when my brother had problems with his passport upon departure. She was able to contact you and fix the problem on the spot! [the previous three airport officials missed that his passport number was different than the one in the computer, and did not question the validity of his passport, until the one at Shanghai!] That was impressive. On our free day in Shanghai, she offered her phone number for us to call if we had any problems. We decided to go to a town about an hour's drive from Shanghai. She arranged for the driver to take us and negotiated a reasonable fee for us to pay him. We had to contact her a couple of times during the day, and she answered her phone and provided us with the information we needed. Very helpful and doing more than required.

LeLe helped tremendously when one of us was over the pound limit on our luggage when departing Guilin at the airport. He was helpful setting up our Li River boat trip. He also helped us arrange the evening boat tour of Guilin, working the extra hours. He provided extra effort spending time with us choosing different restaurants, and recommending sights to see. He was very professional and informative in his presentations.

Rainy in Xian was very flexible when one of us in our party came down with a one day food poisoning. And it was the day we were to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers, a must see part of our trip! Our party was having 'healthy' discussion on what we should do, go later in the day, or reschedule for the next day, but to make sure we make the airport and not miss anything at the landmark site. We felt could not make a good decision. However, Rainy assured us, provided helpful advise we would be able to see all the Terra Cotta landmarks AND make it to the airport on time if we go the next day. Later that evening, after we saw the sights in Xian, she hung around the hotel for a couple of hours so she could escort us to a well known dim sum restaurant half hour drive from our place. [We had heard so much that we needed to taste Xian's dim sum, as for what they are know for] Supposedly this place served authentic dim sum and is a can't miss restaurant if one wants to taste the native city foods. It is a good example of Rainy being flexible and providing extra effort to ensure we were comfortable. It was a long day for her.

Adrian in Bejing was very patient and thoughtful in his explanations of things. He made sure we got to see all the sights on the schedule, and did not overwhelm us with facts, but provided just enough information for us to know what we were seeing and its importance. He also took the extra effort to help me find a special shoe souvenir that was difficult to find. Very nice of him to help me search!

Erik in Hong Kong had the most entertaining personality of all the guides! He seemed to be in constant excitement when explaining or pointing out the different landmarks around Hong Kong. We did not spend too much time with him as our itinerary was short, but the time spent with him was very entertaining. He spewed out information about each landmark with intensity and unmatched enthusiasm. It's as if he really wanted us to feel his excitement as if HE were seeing the landmark for the first time. He was go go go the whole time we were with him. When going to Victoria Peak, he was able to maneuver us around a long, long line of kids at the trolley car, taking us to the top. (later driving back down the hill with the bus, there was an long, long line of cars driving up to the peak! I could have imagined us waiting in that line of cars if we had not chosen to use the trolley. But with the long line of kids, we would have waited as long,too. But Erik made the right decisions and was able to get us to the front of the line and we were on our way!)

So in summary, each guide had a special personality, and each was professional, going beyond what was expected of them. They made the extra effort to ensure we were comfortable and enjoyed our stay in their city.

The drivers were good! They were on time, on schedule, and practiced safe driving habits when required. The buses/vans were roomy, did not break down, had enough room for our luggage.

With the exception of Hong Kong, where we stayed at the YMCA hotel and chose the STANDARD room, all the Hotels were ideal, and clean and some above standard. I enjoyed the Grand Noble Hotel in Xian, and The Bund Hotel in Shanghai the most.

The WOW factor for me was seeing The Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Imperial Soldiers. If thinking about adding a WOW factor, I've seen the postcard pictures of the rice terraces. Those might be nice to see. Might want to add a trip to go live in a village with the farmers who work these rice fields. May not be a plush hotel, but would be a good experience if one can forego hotel amenities for a few days.

Would highly recommend your company to friends. (remember, it was one of my co-workers who recommended your company to me. She and her husband visited China a few years ago, just the two of them and they were very pleased with your service. I know your travel service cost a little bit more, but it is worth it!)

Again, Thank you Ruby for your professional services. We had a memorable trip!